Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gasoline in the US set to jump again!

I just read an article on warning the US about more pain at the pump coming this weekend. The article states that gasoline prices could soar as much as an extra $.05 per US gallon this coming weekend. It sites the ever increasing price of crude oil and a "flurry of recent refinery problems" as major contributors to the increase.

The latest price for a barrel of crude was $66.00. And the current hurricane season isn't going to help. Hurricanes love oil platforms in much the manner tornadoes love trailer parks.

I remember when gasoline was getting ready to hit the $2 per US gallon mark. The whole country was up in arms and shaking their fists at the evil oil companies. I saw tons of e-mails about boycotting certain gas stations on certain days of the week for the sake of protest. Where are all the protest e-mails now?

A year ago, GM was saying it was all just a phase, that people will pay whatever the cost to run their cars, and they kept pushing their SUVs. Then GM darn near went bankrupt this past spring. It took clever campaigning to get them out a dire situation. Now they're slightly shifting their focus to fuel efficiency. Nothing like being reactive than proactive.

I purchased gasoline on Tuesday at $2.399 a gallon. That same station this morning is at $2.479 - an $.08 jump in two days. And the prices are reportedly going to increase even more this weekend? Cheese and crackers!!!

The hell with it all. Me and the family are getting a horse and buggy. Let's just hope the cost of hay isn't the next to increase.

note: Yes, I do realize our prices are no where near the insane prices of England and other European countries. So now it's our turn to look at diesel cars and say, "It gets how many miles per gallon? Ooooooo ..."


Piggy and Tazzy said...

You think you have it bad? Over here in Blighty we have the most expensive petrol/gas in Europe.

And it's about to take a hike again!

As of today, many places are charging UKP 1.00 per litre (thats roughly $1.70). A couple of years ago there were countrywide fuel protests and a blockade which brought the country to a standstill for 4 days.

I sense another one on the way.

Maidink said...

I know, I know. That's why I put the note at the end.

The sad part is that the US is consuming more gasoline now than ever. That doesn't give an oil company any incentive to lower prices.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Do you know, I read that end-note, but it didn't register for some reason.

Perhaps cute wee me's brain was already carried away with the formulation of a reply.