Friday, August 05, 2005

It's Geo's Birthday!

O.K., the man doesn't read my blog so I consider this more of a tribute post to him.

And he won't be home until late tonight. He has a drop-off appointment on Long Island at 11:00AM. That's Long Island!!!! He has to drive from there in an eighteen wheeler in rush hour traffic back to Philly. Add all that together and you get one trucker in a bad mood on his brithday. How nice.

As he said to me on the phone last night, "Ain't that a bitch. Happy f*cking birthday to me."

At least we have the weekend to make up for it.


Tony said...

Well wish him happy b-day from all of his blogger friends (but since he doesn't read your blog, that makes us more like stalkers...don't tell him we're stalking you.)

Maidink said...

Thank you, Tony. Will do.

And mum's the word on the stalking thing. :)

Lost said...

Happy belated birfday to Geo.

Maidink said...

Thanks, Lost! I thought I was the only one who says birfday. :)