Thursday, August 04, 2005

sparrows dropping like flies around here

Last week, my officemate said to me, "There seems to be a lot of dead birds outside." I, being the ever attentive person, said,"Huh?"

officemate: "Dead birds. Haven't you noticed?"

me: "Are they on the sidewalk?

officemate: "No, there along the side of building and in the flowerbeds."

me: "How many are we talking?"

officemate: "I've seen two."

Curiosity took over and I ran outside in the death heat and sure enough, there was a dead bird in one of the flowerbeds. I looked up at the building and saw it was under rows of windows and thought, "Probably hit a window."

Well, once again in my existence, I was wrong.

She came in the office today holding a couple of little silver balls. She looked at me and said, "Mystery solved.

me: "What mystery?"

officemate: "About the birds."

me: "What birds?

officemate: "The dead ones. There are two more outside and tens of these all over the ground."

me: (observing the silver spheres) "Oh, how cute. Someone got a new BB gun and they are using the sparrows as target practice."

I work in an industrial park and this is not what one would expect to see. I honestly wouldn't expect to see it anywhere except in some kid's backyard.

You'd think people would have better things to do with their time than shoot little birds.


Lost said...

Good grief! That means that someone outside your building is pointing a weapon at your windows!! In this security conscious day and age, you would think someone would be alarmed by someone shotting anything at an office building!

justrose said...

that is so sad. i love sparrows. hope you reported it.

Maidink said...

Lost - It is quite unnerving to think that you could possibly be in someone else's crosshairs.

JR - I believe K, my officemate, did report it.