Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Shelly's Pharmacy is no more

The baby's little tummy is really bothering her. I remembered when I was alittle kid and my stomach really hurt me, my mom gave me cola syrup to calm it. And we have no Coca-Cola (tm) in this house anywhere. Figures.

I loaded a rather unhappy sick toddler into the car and head off to the local Rite Aid. As I we walk through the door (well, I was walking and holding 28 pounds), I read a sign that says "All Shelly's Pharmacy prescriptions are welcome". I joked with one of the employees and said, "What, did Rite Aid buy out Shelly's ha-ha-ha?" She looked at me and said "Yes" with the shrugged shoulders and duh facial expression.


Now I find out Shelly's was purchased by Rite Aid a few months ago. The location I remember from my youth on Frankford Ave near Academy was converted to a Rite Aid in June. Though it's really not the original store. That burnt down a while ago, so Shelly rebuilt a newer flashier store.

Shelly's Pharmacy was great. If you needed something along the lines of pharmaceutical products, chances were they had it. Triple Paste Ointment for the baby's diaper rash? They had it. Gripe Water when she was colicky? They had it. None of the other pharmacies in the area carried this stuff. I always took Shelly's for granted.

I even remember Shelly, the owner! My parents were regulars at his store. I got my first DC Comic action figure there. It was a Mego Batman who stood about 7 or 9 inches tall and he had a removable cowl. He's worth some bucks without the card. If you had one MOC, that's quite a few bucks. I got a LOT of now priceless collectable toys at Shelly's. Now it's no more.

For the second time in as many weeks, another part of my childhood ceased to exist. Damn. I thought I was to young for nostalgic moments. Wrong again.

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justrose said...

i know, i was freaked out.

drove down holme avenue yesterday and thought of you.