Wednesday, August 03, 2005

morning - it's an adventure around these parts

The whole family was passed out by the time 9:00 rolled around last night. First to go was Geo. He had three hours sleep the night before so he had a legitimate excuse. The baby went next around 8:15. I thought it was because she had no nap yesterday. Wrong. MOre on that in a minute. And here I was. I had a half day at work, took the baby to the doctor, and did pretty much nothing after that. So I was obviously exhausted. O.K., I have no excuse for being as tired as I was last night.

This morning has already been eventful.

Geo went to jury duty so that's no big deal. Well, it will be a big deal if he gets picked for a trial. Family finances will take a serious friggin bite. His company will pay him minimum pay for the day which totally blows. He said he'll avoid being picked by telling them he hates everyone and that public hangings should be reintroduced to society in the form of a new reality TV channel. I told him everyone does the former, but the latter had potential.

The baby is a different story. She did not want to wake up this morning. I thought she was just being difficult like any 2 year old. She was lying in her crib, eyes open, staring around at her room. Geo walked in and picked her up. She is a total daddy's girl. I could be on fire and she'd walk by my burning body to give her daddy a glass of water. Geo walked her into the living room and she flopped in her Dora chair. TV went on and she was mesmorized by Pooh and Friends. That bought me some time to get ready for work.

I got dressed, got her lunch made, drank some rather good coffee (Chock Full O' Nuts), and proceeded to get the baby ready for school.

I laid her down on the floor and was getting ready to change her diaper. She then threw her hands on her face and it sounded like she blew her nose in her hands. Ewwwwww! I grabbed her hands to survey the damage and thought to myself, "Good heavens , this kid just blew one helluva honker!" Wrong. She was getting sick ... on her back ... and breathing it in. I quickly picked her up and let her lean on my arm so get this stuff out of her. Then she started crying. I used my best soothe voice to let her know it was O.K. to barf away if she needed to and that she needed a bath big time. Poor little thing.

One bath and half a piece of dried toast later, she is on the living room floor watching the Disney Channel.

And here I am at home blogging. Work may not be happy with me, but when it comes down to either work or my family, work will always lose.

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