Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Honestly, how do we REALLY feel about TO?

I've tried no to blog on this rather inflamed Philly subject. It's been talked about, written about, etc. It gets beaten into the ground twice a day only to be resurrected the next day. Everytime I turn around, there are those two initials staring at me in the face - T.O.

Now, I like T.O. Yeah, he's a showboat big mouth with a cockier attitude than a supermodel. But, no one can not deny the man is talented and good at his game. Granted, there have been other players that were just as good at the game and weren't as obnoxious. Fine. I still like him. If he weren't cocky, he wouldn't be T.O.

But this whole contract dispute thing is getting old. Eagles management is digging in their heels saying, "Neener, neener, neeeee-ner" T.O. is using what he knows best ... the media. It's become a circus and I hate circuses.

And then there the E-A-G-L-E-S fans. Talk about the biggest group of fickle twits I have ever witnessed in my life. Last year, it was all "T.O. is the man!", "Waaaaa-hooo! We are SuperBowl bound, baby!", "Let's go T.O." Now, it's "T.O. is a jerk", "Waaaaa-hooo! We are Super Bowl bound, baby!" (that one is a perennial shout - it never changes), "Just go T.O." Mind you, these are the same jade/green and white/silver/black encrusted shirtless goofballs who run around the Linc in sub-zero temperatures while drunkingly attempting to do the wave with a foam cheesteak on thier head. I can't take people like that seriously.

So whan I got an e-mail today from my pal, Midget, it was called "For You T.O.". I thought, "Christ, not another 'Hey T.O. you suck. Get out of Philly ya bum' e-mails." To my surprise, it was kinda cute. So I am "forwarding" it to my readers. Enjoy.

For you, T.O.

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