Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wall Street Journal and me

Wall Street Journal On-Line
I finally did it. I subscribed to the Wall Street Journal On-Line edition.

I opted out of getting the paper edition for a multitude of reasons. For one, I never have time to sit and read at my own leisure. Each time I try, I have a toddler who pulls a "grab and run". After the chase, the paper is mauled beyond belief; hence, I wasted a $1. If I commuted on the train daily, that would be a different story. If a toddler does the "grab and run" there, that child's parent / guardian and I would be having some serious words. Secondly, since I never have time to sit and read, papers will stack. Stacks lead to clutter. I hate clutter. I used to get the Inquirer on the weekends. Mondays because "ditch the clutter" day. If I had a fireplace, again, that's a different story. The Inquirer would then become synonymous with kindling. That Third is the natural resource issue. I do recycle paper (practically the only thing a person recycles in Philly). I would recycle plastic if the dumbasses in City Hall would put a plan in action - but that's another blog topic for another day. Anyway, even with recycling paper, I feel guilty getting a paper and not reading it cover to cover. So, to alleviate my guilty conscience, I opt to read on-line.

With all that being said, I will be even more engrossed in business news. Hey, for me, that's totally rad bananas (thank you FTB for that new catch phrase)!


CrankyProf said...

(I renewed our subscription because we got a woodburning stove, and we needed kindling!)

Maidink said...

I'd like to get a wood burning stove for our back room. Save on heating costs.