Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dinker, Geo, and other assorted beings

Dink is sick ... again!

She's had a nasty hacky cough since Saturday. You know the kind of cough, right? If you didn't know any better (and if she was about thirty years older), you'd swear she was a 2 1/2 pack a day Marlboro red smoker. I thought it was her asthma kicking in again. I checked for a fever yesterday and this morning. Nothing. So what happens? I get the phonecall from her school this afternoon that she has a fever of 101.5. Oh joy.

Went to the doc's and lo and be-friggin-hold, the child has bronchitis. Well bowl me over with a friggin feather.

The doc gave me a script for a round of antibiotics - amoxicillan to be exact. I know taking antibotics is not the normal way to fight bronchitis; however, when a person, such as the Dinks and myself,
already has diagnosed asthma and is prone to lung ailments, antibotics are common.

Looks like I'm not working again. My company is going to so hate me.


I called Geo from the car this afternoon to let him know about the Dinks. Our conversations are such poetry. We should be like the Brownings and publish. Yeah, right.

"Hey, babe."

"Hey, hooch!"

"Just so you know, I'm getting the Dinks from school. She's gotta a fever."

"Great. You make a doctor's appointment for her?"

"Eeee-yep. Look, I just pulled in the school's drive. Can I call you right back?"

"Well, I'm passing the firestation right about now."


"Dumbass, can I call you back after I get the child? Yes, no?"

"Oh. Uh, yeah. Call me back."

I love it when I get answers that have absolutley nothing to do with the question.


As you might guess, I was doing laundry last night. All was fine until I heard *clockle* *clockle* *bumpf* "Mooooommmmm-myyy!" Dinks walks up to me with a couple of pieces from her train set.

"Mommy, it bwoken."

note: it wasn't broken. the track kinda fell apart. It's a wooden set like Brio or Thomas the Tank.

"What happened, sweetie?"

Dinks mulls that one over in her head. "It bwoken."

"Okay, baby. Mommy fix it. How did it break?"

"Fix it maw-mee, pweeeeease?"

"I will honey, but what happened?"

"It bwoken."

"I got it honey, but how did it break?"

five second silence

"It bwoken. You fix it, Mommy, pweeease?"

"Not a prob. Mommy be right there."

"Thank you, Mommy."

I get a kiss on the cheek and she turns to walk away. I said in a slighty loud voice so she could hear me,"Dink, did you break it?'

With her back to me, she deadpans, "no."

Remember, she is an only child. I'm waiting for her to start blaming incidents around the house on those little ghosts Bill Keane made famous like "Not Me" and "Ida Know".


My car almost got sideswiped in the pharmacy parking lot tonight. What made it worse was I was there WITH the baby in the car. What made it even worser (I think that should be a word), there wasn't another frigging person in the lot! The lot was empty! It was me and dumbellina in her beat-up piece of shite.

Just knowing stupid ass people like that share the same supply of air as I do makes me want to lurch.


RaggyMaggy said...

hugs to dinks - hope she's feeling better soon

Spikey1 said...

"Well, I'm passing the firestation right about now." Classic. Men! sheesh (I do that all the time, lol)

Hope dinks is a-o-k! :)

Sangroncito said...

Get well soon, Dink!

Virginia Gal said...

ha ha - funny conversation : )

I hope Dinks feels better soon!

Francesca said...

Bummer! I hope Dinks is better soon!

Big hug for her from all of her blogging aunties and uncles!

Whinger said...

Sweet little Dinks - poor thing.

I have conversations like that all the freaking time. My mother is usually the only one who can follow my complete train of thought that led me to the fire station.

Belle said...

Awww I can relate. It sucks. My daughter gets so many more colds than my son. I hope she feels better soon!

Maidink said...

RG - thanks, dear!!

Spikey - Oh lord. I feel for your wife then!

Sangron - I passed the message to her. She said something about "take me to Brazil", "grass skirt", "make money", "cute kid dancing", ... I don't know. She rambles. Must be the fever. :)

VG - Oh that's just one example. Some of our conversations are friggin Oscar bound scripts.

Fran - I told her about her bloguncles and blogaunts. *FFFFFOOOOOOOMMMMMM* Right over her head. I'll try again later.

Whinger - It seems Geo's train of thought never leaves the station.

TJ - I think I need a son to conduct that expertiment. I'll let Geo know! ;)