Friday, January 20, 2006

What's on your iPod?

I got an iPod last year for Christmas. Well, it was actually a Christmas gift from me to me. I knew there was no way on God's good planet that anyone, including Geo, was going to shell out the cash for one. Geo thinks he bought me the iPod, or so I told him he did. Truth be it known, we have been living on a shoe string budget for some time and I knew he couldn't afford it. He wanted this thing for his WWII reenacting and I wanted the iPod. So, I told him to buy the whatever it was and he can get me the iPod. In his mind, that worked. In my mind, I knew we just forked out a beaucoup amount of money on two objects I knew we couldn't afford. But that chapter in our life is closed now. He still has his WWII thing, I think it was a Fallschirmjager helmet or a jump smock, and I still have my iPod.

It's a nifty little gadget. Of course, it was considered out-of-date a month after I got it because the ones in color were then put on the market. I put my entire CD collection (approx 100 CD's) on my laptop via iTunes and transferred it all. Plus, I've ripped and downloaded other CD's. This is a 20GB iPod. I have used 4.7GB to date. I fear I will never fill this thing.

The one feature I like is the ability to play music either by artist, album, playlist (which you create), songs, genre, or composer. I also like the shuffle feature, gives it variety.

Okay, why am I babbling about this iPod? Glad you asked.

I was checking the genres listed on it. It only lists a genre if that particular type of music has been uploaded. I have a bizarre and motley taste in music. I listed below my genres and the contents therein. Some of the lists are complete, some have doubles, and some are far from complete. The biggest genre is Rock. It's like the catchall category. "Well, it's not edgy and it's not filled with dubbing ... we'll just call it rock."

Alternative: Franz Ferdinand; Jason Mraz

Alternative & Punk: Barnaked Ladies; Coldplay; Linkin Park; REM; Rufus Wainwright

Classical: JS Bach; Beethoven; Chopin; Mozart; Tchaikovsky

Country: Alan Jackson; Alison Krauss; Garth Brooks; The Jahawks; Montgomery Gentry; Trick Pony

Folk: David Gray; Gordon Lightfoot; Rufus Wainwright

Gospel & Religious: dc Talk; Jars of Clay; Michael W Smith; Third Day

Hip Hop/Rap: 50 Cent; Eminem; The Game; Snoop Dogg; TI

Jazz: Billie Holiday; The Brian Setzer Orchestra; Harry Connick, Jr.

Latin: Daddy Yankee (I have to build this one up)

Metal: Black Sabbath; Metallica; Ozzy Osbourne; System of a Down

Pop: The Beatles; Dave Matthews; David Gray

R&B/Soul: Ciara; Destiny's Child

Rock: Audioslave; B-52's; Blackmore's Night; Elvis Presley; Grateful Dead; Jack Johnson; John Mayer; Johnny A; Led Zeppelin; REM; Richard Thompson; Rolling Stones; Squeeze; U2; Ziggy Marley

World: Ottmar Liebert

Remember, I still have 15GB. Imagine how much more rock I can put on here.


CrankyProf said...

Oh, God. If my students only knew that my iPod had Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Eminem, various country artists, and a host of other stuff..

You may have started a meme. I may blog on what's on MY IPod tomorrow!

Ruth said...

I love my iPod mini and would kill for one of the bigger ones! What's on it?

Mary Chapin Carpenter
Sarah Maclachlan
Dave Matthews Band
Bruce Springsteen
Missy Elliot
Yo Yo Ma (classical cello)

I could go on... and I could also get myself into ALL KINDS of trouble at the iTunes website!

Spikey1 said...

I only run with it and only have DMB, David Gray, Coldplays and Jack Johnson!

Maidink said...

CP - I was thinking this like a meme. It would hinge on people actually owning an MP3 or iPod.

Ruth - The Harry Potter iPod came out after I received mine and it's got the Hogwarts crest etched on it. Bags.

The mini isn't so bad. Unless you want video and color, then I would suggest an upgrade.

Spikey1 - You have great taste in music! Running? Eeeek, exercise.

snicks said...

hmm...interesting...i'm looking and looking..but i don't see STEVIE NICKS anywhere on that list.


tomithey said...

I have a 60Gig iPod with just under 8500 songs on it. It's starts to get crazy trying to figure out what I want to hear. I live off of my playlists.

The majority of mine is country, latin, and dance music.

Rowan said...

we have similar tastes in music my dear, it's how you mark the true afficianado, did you take lessons when you were a child? I think that helps....anyway, I too like mostly everything.

Maidink said...

Snicks - oh for gosh sakes, I'm sure I have her and Fleetwood Mac. Don't get your panties in a bunge, okay?

Tomithey - I'm going to ask you for some Latin recommendations. I know none.

Rowan - Clarinet as a child and I messed around with playing guitar via lessons from my late husband. I still have the guitars here. Someday I'll start again.