Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's the "Five Weird Habit" Meme

My dear friend, RagsMags, decided to tag me with this. And I am one of her first tags! Of course she tagged me Sunday, 8 January, but we won't discuss my obvious tardiness. So, without any more delay than I have already given way to, here is ...

The Five Weird Habit Meme

The rules are pretty self-explanatory on this one: pick five weird habits you have. Now I didn't say irritating or annoying or gross ... the catch word is "weird". Picking ones nose in public without a care of who is watching is not weird, it's gross. Cracking your knuckles over and over at the movies is not weird, it's annoying. Refusing to buy your own newspaper and instead get your daily dose of media by reading over someone's shoulder on public transportation is not weird, it's irritating (and cheap). Got it? Okay, here we go.

1) I always blow into all glasses and mugs before pouring a beverage. I have a fear of dust floaters. I'll pour my coffee or Kool-Aid and there in the mug or glass will be itty-bitty dust fragments. That is grounds for immediate dumping. So, to avoid wasting any beverage, I blow in the beverage holder to remove the dust. Please note I do not do this with disposable cups. That would be silly.

2) When I had a stereo in my home (the last one burned in the housefire and I'm too lazy to replace it ... 4 years later), I used to turn it on and the TV at the same time. That doesn't sound so weird, does it? Yes, this is weird because after I'd turn on the stereo, I would walk over to the TV, turn it on, and mute it. Yep, I would have my stereo playing and a picture on my TV with no sound. I have no rationale for that one. I'm sure once I finally buy a new stereo, I'll still do this weird-ass habit.

3) I eat the food on my plate in sections (i.e, all carrots then all potatoes then all meat etc.) I've actually been told that this is annoying but I've deemed it as weird. In most recent months, I have been conscientiously "rotating my plate". That's a term my friend, Faith, developed for me. It means to eat portions from each section of food on your plate so the meal doesn't get boring. So now, I rotate my plate (well, I try).

4) I don't like to wear brand new clothes. They look all nice and crisp and clean when you buy them and look in spiffier in the closet or dresser drawer; however, I know the second I wear them, the newness will be gone and they'll be like the rest of my other clothes. Now that does border on insanity. It falls under "having cake and eating it, too". New clothes will hang in my closet until either I'm called on it ("Honey, have you ever worn those pants I bought you for your birthday?") or they become too small/big. This goes for nice clothes only (jeans and t-shirts have no mercy spared on them). Prime example of this quirk is the pair of pants hanging in my closet at this moment. I bought them at the Gap two months ago. The tags still adorn the pockets. My mom thinks I'm nuts. She should know.

5) I am not sure if this is so much weird as it is odd. I wear my watch on my right wrist but I am right handed. People see it and presume I am left-handed. Maybe I do it just to throw people off. Or maybe I like it on my right wrist as opposed to my left. Or maybe it's pointless to rationalize this one and just deem it as weird.

This assignment was harder than I thought. Thinking of weird habits (things that I do all the time) was not an easy tack. Most of what I do is annoying.

Am I gonna tag someone? I don't know of anyone who I can torture with this one. I mean, there is Pax, Snicks, Laurie, CrankyProf, and Belinda. Oh wait, I guess I did just tag some people.


Merci said...

I blow into glasses and mugs too, unless I know they've just been washed. Sometimes I end up with dust in my eye. And I really hate it when new pants get wrinkles behind the knees.

Virginia Gal said...

oh my goodness, I do the same thing, wear my watch on my right hand but I'm righthanded. It is just easier for me to look over there, I never knew that people would think I'm left-handed, how strange!

Spikey1 said...

So if I came over for a cup of coffee at your place, you would blow into my mug before pouring me a cup? So your germs would now be in my coffee?? Thats not weird.. that is GROSS! :)

Tony said...

I eat the food on my plate in sections (i.e, all carrots then all potatoes then all meat etc.)

I do this, too. When I get a hamburger and fries, I eat the fries first, THEN eat the hamburger... my mother used to tell me it's a Libra thing... dunno about that, but it's definately odd.

Ps- You can blow in MY cup anytime, baby!

RaggyMaggy said...

I dont blow into cups, but i do rinse them with water, unless they've just been washed!

And the TV/stereo thing really is wierd!

CrankyProf said...

Oh, Hell. I'm on it!