Friday, January 27, 2006

Stupid CT Woman Sues City for Defamation

Everyone remember that selfish "don't hurt my expensive car" bitch who locked her infant in her sealed tight Audi and didn't want officials to break the windows because she didn't want her car damaged? Remember her?

Okay, this dumbass bitch, Guita Sazan Silverstein, told a 911 rep, on a recorded phone line, that her infant was locked in her car. She also told said rep she did not want her car damaged though dumbass's infant was slowly and painfully baking and dying. She said she was going home to get her keys despite what the 911 rep, fire officials and paramedics said. Officials basically said "Fuck you, bitch", broke the windows, and rescued the infant. The child was treated and released and bitchola was arrested for child endangerment. A charge, I feel, that was applicable in this case.

Now, this dumb whore is suing for defamation. Her attorney states she shouldn't have been arrested. What bar passed that dumb piece of shit? Awwww. Are her mean ole neighbors teasing her, calling her the dumbest status-symbol-loving parental-neglecting whore on Earth? Well, boo-hoo fucking hoo!

Woman Arrested for Leaving Child in Hot Car Sues City

UPDATE: Judging from my comments, I see we all agree this bitch is indeed a classless knob-slobbing whore. I only pray that one day when she is old and feeble, her child will walk into whatever room she is in, lock the door, have rope in hand, and say "Oh mom, I ran across a lovely newspaper article from July 2005. Shall I read it to you?"


Spikey1 said...

I just got back from the dentist.. dont get me going here ! arrg

Tony said...

Some people arent worth the piece of shit they obviously are.

I hope the judge fries her.

"We're gonna lock YOU in the car in 100-degrees and see how long it takes YOU to want the windows broken."

Laurie said...

OMG.. what a douche. She doesn't deserve to be a parent. If I were one of those rescue workers, I'd have used her face to break the window.

CrankyProf said...

I'm with Tony -- although I'd baste her in a nice crisco/cayenne pepper sauce first.

I'd just bet she's a Main Line bitch.

Ruth said...

Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. I say let her bake in the car also. Classist story? Sure - classist against the idiots that unfortunately roam the earth.

snicks said...

her kid is baking in the car, and she wants to run home to get the key...

how can they call it "classist" when it's obvious that SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANY!

Merci said...

I can't believe the coldness of this woman. I'm sure the window has been repaired by now. And her child is alive. Wonder if she even cares.

Can't wait to see the spin the lawyer puts on it.

S.I.D. said...

Hiya Maidink,

You and the poofs linked me here.

The sad thing is the child was probably handed back to her.

We still burn witches over here if your interested?

Beauty blog by the by :)

ScandinavienNova said...

It is so sick! A normal sane parent would burn down their entire home just to safe their child.. People like this woman should not even be allowed to have children!

Belle said...

Perhaps the story would make more sense if she was suing for DEFICATION (sp) after someone took a nasty shit on her head for being stupid enough to leave her kid in the car to bake in the sun. Better yet, just shoot the dumb bitch.

PissedOffPencil said...


Virginia Gal said...

Yeah, I concur with others on what a horrible person this lady is. Please tell me the child is no longer with her? She has no maternal instincts - my mother would have them break the whole door down to get me out, screw the car.

Maidink said...
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Maidink said...

Spike - Sorry, sweetie. Didin't mean to get your teeth in an uproar.

Tony - Torture is useless on the heartless. You need to be able to feel pain for it to work.

Laurie - That's why I like you, we think alike.

CP - If she is a Main Line whore, she's transplant. She has all the characteristics so it's possible.

Ruth - Well, you realize she IS being singled out. The police did decide to target the dumbfucks of America and chose her as the posterchild.

SNICKS - This is true, Snickers. One must have class to be placed within a class.

Merci - This is what I want to see. I truly hope the county takes it all the way and doesn't wimp out with a settlement.

SID - Thank you for stopping by! Hmmm, burning her at the stake. That has possibilities.

"Look, she's burning. Yes, she's in pain. Ump, she's dead. Oh shit, she wasn't a real witch afterall. Oh well, can't waste a good fire ... anyone got some marshmallows?"

ScanNova - I would battle fire ants and snakes (both of which I fear) to save my baby girl.

TJ - No arguement; I concur.

POP - Honestly, POP, as much as I rant and curse, words do truly fail me on this bitch.

VG - the woman claims she didn't want the broken glass to hit the infant. Solution: I would have busted out the FRONT door windows and unlocked the FUCKING CAR!!!!! She has no excuse for what she did.

Maidink said...

And I deleted the comment. Stupid thing posted twice.

Joe Tornatore said...

wow, how did i miss this story? good reporting.

Maidink said...

Thank you, Joe!!!!