Tuesday, January 03, 2006

No Brahms for this child - she wants Eminem

Back to work and school today after one long weekend. I knew it would be a struggle to wake the Dinks this morning. Poor kid dragged ass into the living room with Lambie and Ratty and plopped down in her Dora chair. Her hair was all which-way and she was staring at the television ... which was off. No, this was not a hop out of bed morning. And the friggin weather wasn't helping. Stupid dreary rain. After some yogurt and OJ, she became more lucid and I was able to get her ready for school.

I plunked her in the carseat and took off for another fun-filled trip down the highway. Man oh man, did she look miserable. I kept looking in my mommy monitor mirror to see if she was still alive. She just sat there in her carseat all strapped in and sort of slumped, staring at the back of the passenger seat. She wasn't even looking out the window. Well, not like there was much to look at what with all the rain and dreariness. I felt so bad for her. Poor thing.

"Close your eyes, sweetpea. Take a snooze."

She'd close her eyes, giving me the false impression of mommy security. "Ah, the child is sleeping; hence, she'll be happier." Then I'd look in that mirror again and see her little eyes blinking in the darkness. Damn.

"You want some music?"

She gave a weak little nod in response. I never turn on the radio in the car without asking her permission. Yeah, I know I'm the driver, dammit, but she does rule the universe. I tune into 'XPN at first then figure she might want some classical. You know, soothing oboe and violin music. And that's exactly what was playing. I thought for sure she'd pass out. Ten minutes into listening to the sounds of whatever composer, I looked in the mirror and she was still awake and blinking. Double damn.

So I switched it to the hip-hop station. They were playing "Goodies" by Ciara. That was the ticket! With in seconds, my child was snoring. I jammed into work listening to the likes of Eminem and company, slightly turned up, and the baby didn't flinch once.

For the record, she has also been lullabied to sleep to the sweet sounds of System of a Down.

Sweet dreams, y'all.


Whinger said...

Clever child. I loved this story.

CrankyProf said...

Bean can't sleep in the car without the soulful strains of EVe 6. Go figure.

Francesca said...

I love it! The kid's got soul!


Virginia Gal said...

Eminmem puts me to sleep also, the whole angry at the world thing gets old quick.