Thursday, January 19, 2006

A few things from my brain

As of 01/14/06, I have started commenting on comments. After reading a post on TJ's site, I realize the importance of feedback for those who have taken the time to visit. Thank you for the eye opener, TJ!


A few of my friends in the Blogiverse have been getting hate comments lately. And all are from the infamous Anonymous. I always say cowards like that just want a rise out of their idiocy. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. And if you feel so compelled to voice your negative, hateful opinion, be a grown-up and say who you are.


In the world of business:

Disney is in "talks" to purchase Pixar. You know Pixar - Toy Story 1 and 2, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles? This move would make Pixar's CEO, Steve Jobs (of Apple fame) one uber wealthy man. Personally, I'm not surprised that this is happening.

Wham-O is sold to a Hong Kong firm, Cornerstone Overseas Investment Ltd. The previous owners, the Charterhouse Group, said the move was done with the intention of helping Wham-O increase its market visibility on an international scope. COI Ltd runs about five factories in China with close to 25,000 workers. That's a lot of Frisbees ©, Slip-n-Slides ©, and Superballs ©. I don't care what the previous owners says about their intentions. Wham-O has been on the market for a while; so, the first decent oppourtunity finally came along they jumped on it like a pack of dogs on a three-legged cat.


It seems like Pax has been right all along about cell phones. Not only are they annoying and rude, now they are deadly by way of exploding.


That's all for right now. I have to hit the post for some stamps. I have a slew of $.37 stamps which need their little friend, $.02 stamp, if they expect to go anywhere.


Spikey1 said...

Great! So now you are telling me I have to go back to my comments to see if you have made a comment about my comment??? If a train left Philly at 2pm EST.....

CrankyProf said...

People can be ignorant-assed hot messes occasionally.

I'll note that Anonymous Prick lacked the sack to use his (or her) real identity.


tomithey said...

I wish I could return comment when people leave me comments, but my Wordpress software isn't set up to do that. It seems rude, but such is life.

Belle said... OMG (in my best valley girl voice), I used to work at KYW Newsradio! WOO HOO!

Second, you're very welcome! And thanks for the shamless plug!

I've heard that if you use Haloscan for your comments, that you can block someone from leaving your nasty comments. It's pointless to comment in such a way to someone you don't even know but some people are immature babies. Let 'em have their "fun". Karma's a bitch.

Maidink said...

Spikey - ... it would collide with the 5:20 train out of New York provided they are travelling ...

CP - Cowards ... all of them!!

Tomithey - I'll keep that in mind 'cause I thinking of switching to Wordpress.

What I meant was I am leaving a comment on my blog in response to comments. Like I am doing right now.

Holy cats ... I'm looping!!

TJ - Cool! I listen to KYW 2, 3, 4 times a day. ;)

You're quite welcome on the shameless plug.

My sentiments exactly on nasty anons. I usually figure they are so miserable in their life that they have to pull everyone else down.

Merci said...

I got gas tonight right after I saw the news, and the attendant was talking on his cell phone while he was pumping. I got a little chill when I thought about that cell phone exploding by the gas pumps...

Hate that nasty anon crap. They say more about themselves than they do about anything else.

Belle said...

LMAO Maid! I used to be good friends with Rika Dufus, remember her?!

PaxRomano said...

Stephen King shares my view on cell phones, witness his latest novel!

Laurie said...

Anonymous = pussy. 'Nuff said.

Yes, that is true about Haloscan; you can block IP addys of anyone you want to block. Also, when someone leaves a comment, you can look up their IP addy and find out where they're from, etc. That little tool came in handy for me recently. I no longer have haloscan, but WP has similar features with it's commenting.

Anonymous said...

Your ma-ma wears comfortable loafers!


Maidink said...

Merci - I always shut off my cell at the gas station. Doesn't hurt. And like I want a frellin phone call when I'm pumping fuel. Remember, we're allowed to touch the pumps in PA. :)

TJ - I'd be lying if I said yes. Love the name!

Pax - thanks Pax! Cell phones and zombies ... what a combo. Number 3 on the McDonald's menu, right?

Laurie - I always say stand by you opinion and don't be a coward. I hate wussy little shits like that.

MDM - Yeah, I know. She borrowed them from me. ;)

Rowan said...

yep the stamps are bugging me, 50 cents plus the annoying one cent companian here in Canada now.

Maidink said...

Rowan - 50 cents? Okay, I'm done complaining about 39 cents.