Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's a random Sunday

Geo has the Dinks saying, "redrum". And she affects the gravelly voice and all. Lovely


Geo is on the morning shift this week. So it's the 4AM wake-up call for all in the Maidink household. By 4:30AM, he'll be on the road to Conshohocken to the steel mill. And I'll be on the road at 6:45AM to KofP. Anyone jealous of this life? I thought so.

Don't get too jealous. He was scheduled off for tomorrow for MLKJr Day. Alas, his company feels he needs the extra cash; hence, he works a 12 hour shift. Bad is he doesn't get the day off. Good is he gets paid beaucoup bucks. Woo-hoo!!


I gotta washer!! I gotta washer!! Oh ye-ah, oh ye-ah! Go Maidink! Go Maidink!!

(maidink with all the rythym of a bullelephant unsuccessfully attempts to dance and damn near throws out her back)

And I got the one I want!!

It's being delivered next Monday after the Dinks and I go to her ophthalmologist. I'm so excited! Weeeeee!


Comcast sucks


My daughter is a friggin math genius. At the Giant foodstore yesterday, she was holding a bag of chips. Geo asked her, "Dinky, if you have a bag of chips and mommy gave you a bag of chips, how many bags of chips would you have?" She smiled and said "I'd have MORE chips!!" Can't argue with that logic.


Wednesday and Thursday last week was like Springtime here in Philly. Friday was the foggiest day I have EVER seen in SE Pennsylvania. Mix in some t-storms and the weather was simply blah! Saturday was frellin cold and around 6PM, it started to snow. And the wind? Holy chowder! I thought the windows were going to blow in the house. Today, it looked like an ice skating rink outside all day.

Is Mother Nature PMSing?


We're still in the market for a pick-up or a large SUV. Not a mammoth one like the Chevy Suburban or the Ford Expedition. Something just underneath that level. It's for Geo. He's a guy and he likes is trucks. Nuff said.


We're still in the market for a new home. We still like Berks County, but we're also entertaining the Conshohocken area since both Geo and I work out that way. Besides, Philly is ticking me off something fierce. Now the gurus in city council want to reassess the property taxes to bring them "more in-line" with neighboring counties. Do the dumb schmucks at City Hall realize one of the few things that has kept people in this shitpit of a city is that the property taxes were low? Let's see, living in Philly guarantees a higher cost on car insurance than practically anywhere else in the state, a ridiculous amount of money chopped out of your wages regardless of where you work, a lameass transit system, and unplowed roads when it snows. Now they want to jackup the property taxes? Ha! Kiss my ass, I am so outta here!

You here that sound? That's the sound of hundreds of Philly residents pounding "For Sale" signs on their front lawn.


Dinks was a total "daddy girl" today. She didn't leave Geo alone for a nanosecond. I didn't mind at first because it gave me time to get stuff done without her under my feet wanting to "help". Around mid-afternoon I was getting irritated because not only was she following Geo everywhere, she was completely ignoring me. I asked her, "Dink, do you want Daddy to go to work?" In a panicky voice she said, "Noooooo!" When I asked if she wanted me to go to work, without hesitation she said, "Yeah!", and proceeded to get my coat and pocketbook.

Do you feel the love? It kinda hits you right here, don't it?


Merci said...

Oooh, the mother/daughter thing starts early, doesn't it?

Driving in that fog on Friday was bad. Driving on the ice today was worse. We had a very near miss with a car that spun out in front of us.

Looking for a house AND a vehicle! Just think, you get to deal with realtors AND car salesmen at the same time. Hope you come across some nice ones. We've dealt with a few sharks through the years.

CrankyProf said...

Chester County. Repeat after me: Chester County. Come to the dark side!!

Seriously -- look into Paoli, Exton and Lionville. Shit, I usually teach at night -- the Dinker can come play with the Shark all day.

(Actually, Exton or Lionville would be an excelent choice for y'all...)

Spikey1 said...

Can I bring some laundry over ?? :)

Maidink said...

Merci - I reminded myself of an old saying: new house, new car, new BABY. Oh boy. If we get the first two, .... well, it ought to be interesting.

CP - I'll check them out on Dinks would love hanging with the Shark.

Spikey1 - Not yet!! Next Monday ... it's next monday. Then you can ship all the laundry you want. Just be careful, customs is a bitch to get through anymore.

Merci said...

Is Dinks in the market for a brother or sister to pick on???

Maidink said...

Merci - YES!

Rowan said...

awww, dinks is such a ham, I love her to pieces, keep 'em coming!