Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thanks for the ego boost, mom

Part of my daily morning routine is once I get my ass in work, I call my mom. This is so the woman doesn't think I lying in that famous ditch somewhere. We usually talk for a few minutes and they're always such uplifting conversations. They start the same way everytime.

"Hi, mom."

"Oh good, you're there."


"How was the traffic?"


"How's the little princess?"

"As usual, good as gold."

"Oh God bless her. She's such an angel."

I normally roll my eyes into the back of my skull at this point in the conversation. This morning, though, mom had an addendum.

"You're so lucky to have a good girl like her."

"Eee-yep. Judging from what I see other parents go through, we won the lottery."

"You sure did. I mean, Dinks is so good in the car on such long trips everyday. And she has the sweetest disposition and a loving personality. I still wonder where she got it from."

Now, mom is laughing hysterically at her own humor. As you can gather by now, I was not. I know she means no harm. If taking a dig at her youngest and only daughter brings her a sense of accomplishment for the day, oh well, so be it.


Whinger said...

At least she's kind of complimenting you as a mother? Sorta?

Spikey1 said...

Maidink.. Line 1 please, Maidink, Line 1. Thank you!

tomithey said...

"Oh good, you're there."

Ugh, my mom says that all the time when she calls me on my cell phone. I want to ask, "Where do you think there is?" It's a cell phone! I could be anywhere.

If I don't talk to her at least 3 times a week she starts freaking out. However she only talks to my sister (who lives like 10 miles from me) about 2 times a year, and my older brother maybe once a month. So unfair.

Maidink said...

whinger - I told the story to Geo and he took it great defense.

"What? Is your mom telling me I was a bad kid?"

"Dumbass, she meant it towards me."

"Oh. That's okay then."

Spikey - I wish, but I have a direct line and she has the cell number. I'm doomed no matter what.

Tomithey - You're lucky. I have to call at least twice a day or else she goes into a panic attack and lands in the ER (that has happened). Yes, my mom has serious friggin issues.

To boot, I live the closest and I'm the youngest AND I am the only daughter. Like a naked person at an orgy, I'm screwed no matter where I turn.

mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... Mother-Daughter relationships ... they are fairly predictable.

Maidink said...

MDM - and dinks and I are headed down the same path. I'm doomed!

Rowan said...

least you have the good natured humour to go withit I suppose. My mil is pointing out to me how normal it is my son enjoys hurting animals and that, apparently my husband did too, so that makes it ok somehow *sigh*