Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Word Verification can be so entertaining

I've had a few doozies in the Blogger's comment "word verification" section; BUT, this one, that Tomithey had to type today, is a beaut. It's not so much the word, but his explanation of it.

"And um, the verification word I have to type to post this is "Horqhate". I like it. Sounds like when you are trying to equate the slutty levels of two whores. "


Joe Tornatore said...

may try to use Horqhate in Scrabble. sounds too good not to be a word. seriously, I was blog surfing awhile ago and found this guy's blog that had nothing but filthy curse words you had to type in word verification to post.

Laurie said...

That's funny :-)

I haven't gotten any good ones yet, believe it or not!

Spikey1 said...


tomithey said...

I haven't really figured out how to use it in a sentence yet, but I'm working on it.

I can't make anything out of today's verification word, "swrxjfyy"