Monday, January 16, 2006

Hasn't the Catholic Church learned that negative publicity is still publicity?

I read this rather interesting article on It talks of a current condom campaign of Planned Parenthood in Connecticut and the Catholic Church is a bit PO'ed over the whole thing.

It seems the campaign is using key fobs to get the message out on the use of condoms. We all know that condoms are a great method of both birth control and prevention of STD's. We also know the hatred the Catholic Church has over anything that suggests either birth control or pre-marital sex. Now, it's not so much the message the key fobs are conveying, though it is a sore spot, but the graphic being used to convey it.

Go forth and multiply ... later
Yes, my friends, the graphic being used is none other than the beloved section of the Sistine Chapel depicting God's powerful hand touching Adam's seemingly lifeless hand. Ah, but God isn't touching Adam's hand - he is giving Adam a condom. Ee-yep, Adam and Eve - where mankind began according to the first book of the Holy Bible. I can see where the catholic Church can get a might bit tiffed at this one.

Now, this isn't the only key fob. There are bunches of others available and have been available for quite some time. It's just the recent uproar and public condemnation by the Church along with a few articles on this matter have PP of CT going crazy filling orders. So, if you want one, I suggest going there before this one goes on serious backorder or, worse, on the infamous "no longer available list". I doubt if the latter will happen, though.

Public denouncing of something always, always, always gets the general public's curiosity peaked. Who knows? This key fob thing can be latest fashion trend and I'm quite sure that wasn't the Church's intention.


mdmhvonpa said...

Hmmm, a counter-campaign might be in order instead of ranting ... ya think? Personally, I'm not a big rubber-robber (even though I'm a catholic) but the whole HIV thing tends to wipe out potential converts.

Maidink said...

MDM - The Church has too many other fish to fry. Ranting is probably their best attack right now. I just thought the article was interesting.

Rowan said...

hmmm, kinda cutesey though ya must admit, I'd wear one on my k eys.