Monday, January 16, 2006

A funny thing happened at the office ...

Merci, in her most recent comment, reminded me of two humorous stories that starred none other than the Dinks.

The first takes place in the ophthalmologist's waiting room. It was early and both Dink and I are tired. She is still getting over her virus and I'm ... well, I'm just plain frelling tired.

In this room, other than us, are three infants and one toddler, all of whom just had outpatient surgery the preceding day. The infants were all tuckered in their carry baskets and the toddler was pretty apprehensive about being there (she screamed the second she walked in the suite). Keep in mind, the mommy of said toddler was preggers and looked like she was about to drop any second. So, I am pointing out all the little ones to the Dinks because she loves babies. She doesn't like playing with baby dolls, but loves the real deal.

Out of nowhere, Dink starts crying and says rather loudly, "I want a baby!" Now all eyes are on me. Shit. I asked her, "Do you mean a baby brother or sister?" With sobby tears she chokes out, "Yes, I want a brotha or sistah." Perfect. The first parent, mom with infant and husband is at work, looked at me and siad, "My toddler said the same thing to me last year. Here's the result," she said while pointing to the carrier. Great. The second set of parents with the toddler and pregger mom looked at me and said, "She complained she wanted a baby, too." With emphasis, mom points to her huge belly. Even better. The third set of parents with just one carrier were the obvious honeymooners. With ga-ga eyes, they looked at each other and said, "We want another one soon."

Ummm, people!!!! You are not helping me in presenting a good arguement to the child!

Last night, Dinks said it again but this time she didnt' cry. We save hysterics like that for the public. Geo and I were in the kitchen and she was in the living room putting a "puzzcle" together. Geo said to her, "You want a baby brother or sister, Dink?"


I said, "You know that means you'll have to share all your toys."

No reaction.

Geo chimes in, "You'll have to share daddy with the baby. Will you share daddy?"

Dinks shakes her head and said, "No." I asked her, "You won't share daddy with a baby?" She looks at us and shouts, "That's MY daddy!" She turns back to her puzzle as if that was the end of that conversation. I figured I'd try asking if she would share me though I feared the response. I calmly asked in sing-song voice, "Dink, would you share mommy with a baby?" Without moving from her puzzle and with no emphasis or inflection in her voice, she simply said, "Sure."

Geo was laughing so hard, he was completely no good. Thanks, guys!


Shark-fu said...

Now that's just not right!

Perhaps it was simply sass...yeah, Dinks was merely sassing you!

Too funny...who knew that's how extra babies were made? Toddler pressure!

Whinger said...

Perhaps she is a genius who has a fabulous, early understanding of sarcasm?

Spikey1 said...

Hmmm.. I wonder what will happen to me in May??

Laurie said...

JT keeps asking for another little brother, and I have no problem saying, "NO."


PaxRomano said...


Oh man that kid of yours needs to be on a sit-com!

Maidink said...

Shark - from the day that child was born, we've been buttin' heads. She is a sassy little creature for sure.

Whinger - that would not shock me in the least especially in our house where sarcasm is king!

Spikey - Here, let me check. (maidink shakes 8 ball) It is decidely so. WTF? Stupid eightball. (shakes the damn thing again) Don't count on it. ??????

I think it's broken.

Laurie - I say "no", too. I would be just as well talking to a brickwall.

Pax - She is entertaining, isn't she? Get her in a room with my parents and it's non-stop Blogger fodder.

Virginia Gal said...

I love the line "she saves hysterics for when we are in public" hilarious!!

Merci said...

I love that line about the hysterics too!

Sounds like she's sweet on her daddy. That's a good thing.

I notice Dad was asking about a bro or sis, too ;-)

Joe Tornatore said...

well written.

Sangroncito said...

We've had a house full of kids lately--Eliomar's little ones--I love them but they get into everything! I went to the toystore and bought a bunch of stuff to have on hand when they visit so they stop breaking all my things (hopefully).

Maidink said...

VG - Toddlers ... you just gotta love the little darlings.

merci - Geo walks on and parts the bathwater. he is the sun rising and setting to her. That doesn't bother me (well, a little). She is a daddy girl through and through.

He wants another one, too, but we're both scared because of our age.

joe - from you, I take that as a high compliment. Thank you!

sangroncito - if it can break, they will find it. Trust me!

Rowan said...

some would say that her response to daddy's question and then yours is just a healthy dose of the Electra Complex (good lord for that).

Secondly, my son is approaching 2 (next month) are you telling me that my husband and I may be in for a rude surprise? We thought we were in the clear saying he may soon start asking for a brutha or shishta? oh no!