Monday, January 30, 2006

Exxon Mobil posts the highest profits ever in US corporate history

When I read the headline below, all I could think was, "And these bastards said they had to raise gas prices or they'd lose too much money." So, "record breaking profits" is equal to "just barely breaking even" in the oil industry. Fuckers.

I'm sure all the assholes on the board of each major US oil company really gives a flying fuck if people can afford to heat their homes or commute to work without going bankrupt. They reaped the rewards while raping the country.

I strongly believe you reap what you sow. Lord have mercy on the souls of those board members 'cause they're gonna need it.

Exxon Mobil cashes in on high prices


CrankyProf said...

It's "Tar and Feathers" time.

Belle said...

Don't get me started!

Cranky, lol. You like to tar and feather a lot of people, lol.

CrankyProf said...

Washington, DC would get a SHITLOAD more accomplished if we were to bring back the time-honored tradition of tarring and feathering.

Corporations might be more honest, too.

Is all I'm sayin'.

PaxRomano said...

On the same page with this one I see... (great minds and what-have-you); bunch of greedy bastards.

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

I dunno... I may well own stock in a mutual fund in these oil companies. Hard for me to complain, even if I do log 1,200 miles per week.

Laurie said...

Yeah, I saw that article today too, and it made my BP rise..


Virginia Gal said...

Really I need to know if any of these board members are single and looking for a wife : ) Maybe Anna Nicole Smith was onto something : )

Well we can expect no help from the federal government who is in bed with these bastards. ahh coruption, good stuff (made even better cause GW was saved so this is Jesus laced corruption).

Maidink said...

CP - *OUCH!*

TJ - Hee-hee. Oh why not?? I like it when you get peturbed.

P.S. - CP has a cauldron over her doorway for when her (s)mother visits.

CP - Oh CP, that'll just boost the profits of the Oil and Coal Corps (for the tar) and Feather Corps resulting in more mining accidents, higher oil dependency, and a LOT of naked birds.

Pax - It is a classic case of corporate greed. But that's the way of corporations

Charlie - you know the business side of me sees it as a company doing fabulously well for their share holders (a corporations main goal). I'm conflicted by this too (but not by much).

Laurie - i don't know of too many people (aside from shareholders and Wall Street) that took the news well.

VG - The Fed Gov't is in bed with everyone. Always has been, always will be.