Friday, March 10, 2006

Cars, hot dogs, cards, and Pull-Ups

Francesca has so kindly reminded me that I have plenty to blog about. I keep forgetting about this thing called life. The title of this blog IS Life, Family, et al, so you'd think I'd remember that little nugget of info. Oh well, my bad.

Now the updates ...

Any decisions on the car?

Yes, I've decided to scrap the idea for now. It really was truck envy I was going through. I still look at other cars and wonder about buying a new one (since mine has decided to start making an odd noise just days before inspection). However, there are other much larger financial fish to fry in the Maidink household. My pipe dream of getting some new wheels has taken a backseat for now.

How about the hot dog stand business?

Oh lord, that will never go away. We just got our taxes done and with the money Uncle Sam has so graciously decided to return, we could buy a nice cart. Alas, there are other things to do with any spare cash and owning a hot dog cart is not on that list. For now, Geo has also put that dream on the back burner.

How was Mommy's birthday?

As per mother, it was very nice indeed. Dad bought her clothes that she had already told him about. At least he gets hints. She received her flowers from me around 10:00AM and another parcel around 11:00AM. The second was from my brother in NC. He sent her a pound of Godiva® chocolates. Then Geo called her and wished her a happy birthday. She was thrilled with that. She always calls him her favorite son-in-law. That's when I remind her he is the only son-in-law. The finale was when Dinks and I showed up to deliver a birthday card. Bless the US Postal system. I mailed both my card and the Dinks card at the same time, and Mom only received my card. *sigh* I scooted to the Hallmark® store yesterday, bought the same card, and drove to her house after work so she would have it on her day. Of course, Mom was thrilled to see Dinks. I guess she was happy to see me, though she didn't say anything.

And Dinks! We can't forget Dinks! How's she doing? How's the potty training?

Dinks is doing A-1 fabulous with her training and I'm much better at dealing with her accidents. She really hasn't had any accidents except for the occasional piddle on her clothes from sitting to far up on the toilet seat. But she is a champ! I keep telling her "one more month" and she'll be out of Pull-Ups® . I know that seems long but she still has her little bowel problem. She's much better now at judging her body rhythm; ergo, that's why I feel a month is all she needs to have it nailed down.

Okay, that's it for updates.


kyahgirl said...

Thanks :-) Its good to know how things are going. Yay for Dinks!

Maidink said...

Dinks is the best (at least to her mommy she is).

Francesca said...

Thanks for the updates!

And, yaaaaaayyyyyy for Dinks on the potty training and for you re the patience! You're doing great!