Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One Dumb Dog

One of my favorite vidoes. Is it any wonder that the dog is a blonde?

Note to my blonde friends: That's a JOKE!


Tink said...

I've seen that before, pretty funny.
First time I've been on your site & it's great.

I'm still crying over Kelsey, I'm SO sorry.

Sangroncito said...

Hilarious! (and to think I was a blonde years ago...)

Francesca said...


And I thought my little pup had moments of being dim!


Belinda said...

This video has bothered me ever since I first saw it, because while I laughed initially, I've since stopped. This is potentially a dangerous, demented (hey, dementia happens in dogs just like in people) animal. It's not so much that he's attacking his own leg that bothers me, it's that the leg is seemingly *instigating the fight.* That just ain't right.

And what realllly bothers me is that, if you listen, you can hear the laughter, among that of the adults, of a very small child. And I'm here to tell you, a dog that would bite its own leg without knowing what it's doing is just a ticking time-bomb with a toddler or small child around just waiting to accidentally startle him.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I didn't know dementia can happen to dogs. Can it happen to all animals?

Maidink said...

MILF - Thanks for the visit. This si one of my fave funny videos.

I didn't personally know Kelsey. I just hate despise loathe detest abhor child abuse in all forms. There! I feel better!

Again, welcome to the site!

Sang - Were you also biting your own foot? ;)

Fran - We had a Boxer when i was a little kid. The boxer used to do the same thing. She was also old and almost senile.

Belinda - I knew this probably would bother you. I was going to put a "caution" on it for your benefit.

Mr. Fab - Great, now I'll have to Google it. Thanks a lot! You know I'm a naturally curious person when it comes to stuff like that.

Or maybe you don't know.