Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My annual headache

I got the small version ... I think this is it
Mom's birthday is Thursday. She's gonna be 73.

Every year, without fail, I sit wherever I may be, stumped. I mull the same question over and over in my mind,

"What the hell am I gonna get her this year?"

A card? That's a given.

My mom's the patron saint of Hallmark. She loves buying and receiving cards. Mailing cards is the preferred method of delivery. And they must get there a day or so in advance. And they must be "appropriate".

I know, a lot of rules.

About 10,000 years ago, my brother, W, was stupid enough to buy the woman a "funny" birthday card. The front had a little cartoon fairy and it read, "Each year, the age fairy lightly taps you on your brithday to show you are a year older." The inside read, "Boy, she must have beaten the tar out of you." W was ostracized from all family gatherings for months.

This year, I actually got the woman something and it didn't cause a migraine.
I sent her flowers.

Daisies to be exact. A basket full of multi-color daisies. That's her fave flower.

Normally, I don't do that. I just don't send flowers. It's a personal hang-up, I'm sure.
They'll be delivered on Thursday. I put on the little notecard that the flowers were really from the Dinks. She'll like that.

Of course, I mailed her birthday card yesterday.


Whinger said...

I LOVE sending and receiving flowers.
1. Pretty.
2. Disposable.

Spikey1 said...

Happy Birthday Mom

CrankyProf said...

Cookie bouquet. Seriously -- my SMother LOVES the damn things.


Happy birthday to the woman who birthed Maidink! God bless her!

Laurie said...

LOL - I go thru the same thing every year with my mom. What do you get an 80-something woman who has everything?? And yeah, do not dare to forget a card for ANY occasion - especially the birthday, or else. I totally laughed at your post because one year I sent my mom a funny card instead of a mushy one and she was so insulted and actually pissed at me! LOL

Happy birthday to your mom! (Aren't they great?)

Jaded&Opinionated said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

I'm going through the same thing because my mom's birthday is on the 17th and she already owns everything on earth. I'll end up sending her 2 dozen carnations. It's her favorite flower, and I never know what the hell else to get her. She always loves getting them, so I keep sending them. She enjoys both funny and mushy cards, so that's always safe.

My mom's gonna be, um....62, I think. I'm gonna be 40 in April, so I think she's 62.

In any case, best wishes again to your mom.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Everytime someone gives my father a card he turns it over, reads out loud how much it cost, and declares he would have rather received the money...

kyahgirl said...

Happy birthday to your Mom.She did a good job making you :-)

I have no advice. My Mom loves to get a sappy letter and a phone call. I usually buy her stuff at other times of the year when I think of something. She's ok with that.

Virginia Gal said...

How weird, tomorrow is my mom's birthday also! I have yet to figure out what to get her (uh-oh).

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Another Happy Birthday to mummy from us too!

Be nice to her.

And make sure you're named in the will.

Francesca said...

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

tescosuicide said...

Ya see, you kinda screwed yourself -If you always mess up the gift, it will just become expected. Your life would be a lot easier.

Celena said...

Sounds like my grandma (about the cards), but flowers are a no-no, she PRETENDS to be allergic. (she pretends to be allergic to all sorts of things)

Merci said...

Happy Birthday to Maidink's Mom!

My mom is easy. The card is more important to her than the gift. She has a quirky sense of humor, and she'll laugh about a funny card for weeks.

Stace said...

Maybe W did it on purpose so he wouldnt be invited to family stuff.

Maidink said...

Whinger - They are pretty disposable in my opinion.

Spikey - I have relayed your good wishes.

CP - I'd do the cookie thing but Dad's a diabetic. Sweets are too tempty for him. But thanks for the link. I can use it for other family members.

Laurie - Same dilemma. Mom sees and buys. Of course, she bitches at us when we do that around our b-days or the holidays. Parents ...sheesh.

Jade - Thanks. She loved the flowers, by the way. I think that was mostly due to me saying they were from the Dinks.

Mr Fab - Sounds like Geo. He hates cards. "Gimme the cash." Sigh, that's my man!

Kyah - My mom buys too much stuff for herself for me to even entertain buying a thing for her. After 37 years, I'm almost officially out of ideas.

VG - So, what did you end up doing, chickie?

P and T - I was nice. The Dinks and I nipped round to their home to give her a card in person (I'll blog about why we had to do that). She loved seeing the baby. I'm not in the will, but Dinks is.

Fran - I extended your wish to her. Her response was blog worthy.

Tesco - That's my brother's take on the whole thing. He rarely calls, is always late for family events, and doesn't give a gift until after the fact. Mom just got used to it. Me? Yeah, I'm screwed.

Celena - I like grandma. I'll use the allergy bit next time someone remotely suggests flowers to me. "Don't do it! You'll kill me and the baby! Just send us a check." :)

Merci - Mom does put the card above the gift, but not by much.

Maidink said...

Sorry, Stace. I missed you. My bad.

Stace - I believe he did. I wouldn't pass it by my brother to plan something like that.