Tuesday, March 21, 2006

PA's version of Jessica's Law almost a reality, though one senator thinks the measure is "overkill"

What I feel is a long time coming, a state senate committee has given initial approval for a PA's version of Florida's "Jessica's Law".

You remember Jessica Lunsford? She was that 9 year old little girl who was abducted from her bedroom while she slept, raped, and killed last year. Her murderer? A registered sex offender, John Evander Couhey.


The entire nation saw just how well "registering" sex offenders was in deterring them from repeating their crimes when the news of Jessica's killer was brought to light.

In an albeit too late reactive move, Florida created "Jessica's Law".

And PA will soon have its own version.

The measure will give DA's the power to put sex offenders away for a minimum sentence of 25 years AND the accused will have to where a GPS monitoring system for the rest of their life.

As a mom, I applaud the measure.

But a state senator from Erie thinks the measure is overkill.

Jane M Earll (R) is quoted as saying “I know that there have been incidents around the country where you have someone who’s out on probation or parole who re-offends. But to my knowledge, we don’t have that problem in Pennsylvania.”

Gee, Senator, let me think about what you said for a minute. You're saying that since such an incident hasn't happened here in Pennsyltucky that the law is not necessary. That Pennsylvania should also be a reactive state as opposed to proactive. We all saw how being reactive allowed Jessica to die in Florida. If such a measure would have been in place at the time of her murderer's initial conviction back in 1991, he would have still been behind bars.

Senator, do we really need a dead child on our hands so you can feel the measure is justified?

Anyone who would like to comment on the Senator's comment can do so by writing her an e-mail. Just click on the link above to get it.


Ruth said...

I hope it goes without saying that this senator is a fucking moron. Things like this make me physically sick. I hate that my son is growing up in a world like this.

Whinger said...

Seeing red at Senator.
Off to write a letter.

Jaded&Opinionated said...

Then his knowledge is limited. (obviously)Sex offenders have a high rate of reoffending, especially pedophiles. They don't just get "cured"...they molest children because that's their sexual preference, just like some people are heterosexual, and some are homosexual. The fact that they allow these animals to keep their peepees is as much generosity as I can stomach.

What an effin idiot that senator is. Maybe he just has a skeleton or two in his closet.

Belinda said...

Someone maybe needs to "overkill" her political career. Quickly.

Because, you know...state borders? Not actual Great Walls keeping out the Mongolian hordes and child murdurers, genius.

Virginia Gal said...

I'm glad to see this law will soon be in effect in PA - I do think we as a society need to figure out a better solution to this overwhelming problem of sex offenders. The real problem is sex offenders of children cannot be cured, what is to be done, aye.

mdmhvonpa said...

You know, the US has not been hit by a Nuclear Missle so why should we have any defenses? DUH!

Mike said...

Hopefully this 'senator' is serving their last term in office. How stupid.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Unbelievable. He needs to go!

Maidink said...

Ruth - Yes, the Sneator did have her head up her butt. And thanks for cc:ing me.

Whinger - I only hope that during reelection time, someone Googles this particular post and uses it against her.

Jaded - I've never heard of a successful rehab of a pedophile. And you're right, it's because it's a preference.

Belinda - Sure they do. It's not like a pedophile can abduct, rape, and kill a child and then escape to another state? Why, it's just not possible! Oh wait, that's what happened in poor Jessica's case.

VG - Aside from a full lobotomy, I don't know.

MDM - Well, you know, if we just sit here quietly, no one will bother us.

Mike - Oh, hi! Glad to see you here. Don't know but I would love to find out when the silly woman is up for reelection. I'd love to see how she fairs.

mr. Fab - maybe she'll get outsted by the GOP for being a general schmuck.

Eugenics PI said...



Collateral Consequences of Sex Offender Registration