Friday, March 24, 2006

Model parents to be released from TN jail

Thomas Gambrell striking the most intelligent look he can muster and Jennifer Hargrove looking like the remorseful person we all know she is.
See what happens when I do random Google surfing?

Parents Quick Release Stun Prosecuters

April 16, 2001: Jennifer Hargrove (above right) gave birth to her child in an apartment bathroom, slit her newborn baby's throat and the daddy, Thomas Gambrell (above left), did nothing to stop her! He claims he was sleeping. Yeah, he slept while a woman was in labor. LIAR!! Both of them ... effing sick twisted cowards! And that's not the worst part, the child lived! The baby was stuffed in a bag and thrown in the trunk of a car. Paramedics called on to the scene (I am still not sure why they were there) took the child and the two moron parents were promptly arrested.

In November 2004, under a plea agreement, each coward got a whole eight years.

The good news: The baby, a little girl, survived. After much rehab, she was put in the care of a foster family. A judge terminated the parental rights of Hargrove and Gambrell (and I thought that would have been the first thing to be done before they even went to trial), and the child was adopted by her foster family.

The crap news: Gambrell, after barely serving 14 months of his 8 year sentence, is out of jail already. And Jennifer will be out of jail soon because the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole on Tuesday recommended she be released!

I just hope his nuts were cut off and her hole was stapled, glue gunned, crazy glued, and cemented shut so neither can ever EVER have a child again.


Jaded&Opinionated said...

I hate the idea that parents who kill a newborn aren't a threat to society. The fact that they are capable of murdering their OWN CHILD makes them far more dangerous than any serial killer I can think of. If that woman didn't think twice about slitting her daughter's throat, what's to stop her from going to McDonald's with a machine gun if she's pissed off?

That key to her jail cell should have been destroyed. I'm am beyond disgusted.

mdmhvonpa said...

Does the term 'sociopath' work here?

Anonymous said...

She is out, she has been since August, I think, She works with me!!! I can't believe what she has done.

Anonymous said...

she has two children now. a boy almost 2 and a newborn girl.