Thursday, March 23, 2006

This month has been downright awful

I left work early yeterday for a stomach ache.

Of course, the pain started Tuesday night and kept me from sleeping. So, in reality, I left for both a stomach ache and general dizzyness from lack of sleep.

And I drove. On the turnpike. With the Dinks in the car.

So much for my Parent of the Year Award.

The stomach ache did finally leave after 24 hours of pure suffering.

The solution?

Pepto-Bismol chewables.



Spikey1 said...

... and you paid for using the Turnpike right?

Mr. Fabulous said...

I like to crumble them up and put them on ice cream.

Francesca said...

Never had the Pepto before, but I hope it helped.

Sorry you weren't feeling well. (AND BE CAREFUL DRIVING LIKE THAT, MISSY!!!)

Hugs! (sorry for shouting! lol)

Virginia Gal said...

It's this weather....hope you all feel better soon!

Maidink said...

Spike - I sure did! Two bucks in fact!!

Mr Fab - Why doesn't that surprise me ...

Fran - It's great stuff when you need it. I prefer the chewies over the liquid. And thank you for the hug. And I won't do that again (better now?)

VG - Thanks, sweetie. Yes, this weather has been horrid for all.

Tink said...

Ugh I HATE stomach aches. Mine has really been giving me problems since December. Have you seen that they make children's pepto now?