Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Quips and Quotes from Geo

This past Sunday night.

Me: Can you imagine Dinks in school tomorrow.

Me (mimicking a teacher): Now class, I want you to draw what you did this weekend.

Me: And here's our kid drawing a picture of a group of smiling stick figures all with guns.

Geo (chuckling): And a train wreck.

Me (grimacing): Ooooo, I'm sure that would justify a call from the office.


Me (reading the news on Google): Miss Deaf Texas was killed by a train today.

Geo (not even looking up from what he was doing): That's gonna be a country song.


Driving to pick up the Dinks.

Geo: Hey babe, check out the ugly bitch next to us.

Me (trying desperately to avoid eye contact): No, I am not looking.

Geo: C'mon. The bitch ain't looking. Quick, look!

I glance. It's a dog.

Geo (giggling uncontrollably): Got you good!



Belinda said...

Husband quotes, I think, are some of the best material we have.

Whinger said...

Geo's fun.

Britt said...

Why is it that I have the unmistakable feeling that Geo and Belindas Alex were separated at birth? HA HA

Maidink said...

belinda - And I have a crappy memory. He's ball-bustingly funny and I can't remember a 1/10 of what he says.

Whinger - Geo's a nut. To paraphrase a movie quote, cover him in chocolate and you can market him as a candy bar.

britt - I think Mr Fabulous, Alex, and Geo are all brothers and they're keeping it a secret.