Friday, March 10, 2006

Railroad tracks and gun shows

That just about sums up what we're doing tomorrow. Okay, I'll explain.

Geo discovered a short cut the other day which cuts about five minutes of time off our daily commute (we both work in the same area). A section of the short cut is through what Dinks has dubbed the "spooky forrest". She really likes driving through it at night. She insists she sees ghosts. How cute.

Along the "haunted" route, you pass by a post office, the Bryn Athyn Post Office. Geo pointed out a few days ago that the post office looks like it was a railroad station in a previous life. I asked how did he figured that.

"From the tracks running next to it. Duh!"

Okay, so I lost points on not observing that one.

The next day I looked and lo and behold, tracks! I told Dink and now they are the "spooky tracks". I love her little imagination. So, I got to wondering, "What train used to run on this line?"

Maidink turns to Google® . Maidink discovers something very interesting. My daughter wasn't too far off when she called them the "spooky tracks". The tracks were once part of a rail line that stretched from Philadelphia to Newtown PA. Digging further, I found out that these very tracks are home to
the Woodmont Train Wreck of 1921.

I gave Geo the info. Tomorrow, we are hiking the tracks, with the Dinks, to check out the very spot of the wreck. I'm completely psyched over this. No, I'm not kidding. I love this stuff. And Dinks will think it's great because it's something to do with trains.

Photos will be posted.

I hope it doesn't rain.

After our little outdoor venture, what better way to spend some quality family time than going to The Gun Show at the Valley Forge Convention Center. That's not a typo. Here's the scary part, children under 12 are admitted free. I would think children under 12 were barred. Oh well.

Sorry, no photos will be posted. Photography and recording equipment of any kind is banned. I can tell you are all very disappointed.

To make up for it, I'm insisting we go out to a nice restaurant after the show. I mean "nice". I don't want my food order given over a microphone, received in a wrapper on a tray, or my utensils in platic baggies along with the condiments and a napkin. I'll allow flip charts on the table showing the special of the day, but that's it! We'll see ...

So that's our Saturday. Lord knows what we'll do on Sunday. Dinks and I will head to church, but after that, who knows.


Tony said...

tee-hee.... "railroad tracks and gun shows"

sounds like a very elegant date to an arkansan.


Joe Tornatore said...

seriously, my brother just joined a paranormal investigative unit in South Jersey.

Mr. Fabulous said...

"Railroad tracks and Gun Shows" would make a GREAT album title!

Virginia Gal said...

Gun show...dare I ask why?

The railroad tracks sounds like fun, especially with the little one.

Can't wait to hear about how it was.

tomithey said...

Ooh scary... maybe Dinks really is seeing ghosts, kind of like in the 6th Sense. I bet that will be a fun adventure!

mdmhvonpa said...

"Along the "haunted" route, you pass by a post office, the Bryn Athyn Post Office."

You have no idea how close to my house your travels are taking you. Take her to the Paper Mill Cemetery ... that'll do it.

tescosuicide said...

Did you make it back?

kyahgirl said...

That sounds like a great way to spend Saturday. Hope you had fun.

er...where are you now?

The spooky tracks didn't get you did they?

Maidink said...

Tony - Geo loves the comment and wants to use it in conversation at work.

Joe - I might want to talk to you about this.

Mr Fab - Yes, but for what group?

VG - We're gun owners, dear. hence, the gun shows. Dinks loved the tracks, mostly.

MDM - Next time, we'll trek that way over the creek bridge.

Tesco - no. This has been a recording *beep*

Kyah - Boo!

SuccessFactor said...

I was in the area and walk the tracks. I see the "Paper Mill Cemetery" on the map but could not see it from the track or trail. I did see a road at the corner of Cathedral Rd and Paper Mill road but is it was marked private. Is the cemetery back there?

Anonymous said...

I went back. I did find the Cemetery. What a mystery! Grave stones from 1970 - 1908 yet the dirt looked freshly dug.

I would like to know the story on why.