Sunday, March 19, 2006

To all of my loving blogfriends

Blogger sucks.

It seems some of you can't see my blog, or can see but can't comment. I apologize for Blogger and their crappy servers.

I can't complain too loud. It is a free service. You get what you pay for.

So, if you really want me to know you're still alive and reading the blog, send me an e-mail. If my sidebar doesn't work, just click here. Or if you have a seperate e-mail server than your default for your computer, the addy is

Comcast and Blogger both suck. But at least Blogger is a freebie. Comcast can kiss my backside.


snicks said...

i agree. i tried for hours to post on my blog friday, and finally was able to do seems okay now (crosses fingers)

Celena said...

Posting pictures is always my problem!

Virginia Gal said...

I think there was something wrong on Friday, lots of people seemed to be having problems.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I'm here, I'm alive, I'm reading.

It will take more than that to get rid of me.

Tony said...

You sure are a sexy bitch! :-)

Maidink said...

Snicks - Blogger has been acting too odd lately. I might have to do the permanent switch to Wordpress.

Celena - I'm still having problems posting pics.

VG - I think a server fried. That's why some were having some problems or some were having all problems.

Mr. Fab - *grabs the can of Raid*

Tony - Purrrrrrr! Only for you, sweetie!