Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm glad that's over

What a crappy week. Some would say, "If I had a chance to do this week over again, I'd blah blah blah and blah blah blah". Whatever. Personally, I don't want to a do-over for this week. It's done and good riddance.

Yes, I'm a crab.

Dink has a sinus infection. I've been saying that all effin week and what do I hear in return:

Doctor: "It's a virus."

Mom: "And when did you get your doctorate?"

Those at work: "You're just being overly mothering." This was uttered by those with NO children.

Geo: "You're probably right." At least he agreed with me.

I take the Dinks to her allergist on Thursday. I tell him what's been happening. Her checks her out. Checks her ears and nose. Looks in her mouth and eyes. Looks at me and says, "She has a sinus infection."

Big middle finger to all those that made fun of me.

She's dosed on meds and antibiotics right now. I want to be dosed on meds. You'd think she'd share. I guess they teach that in kindergarten. Figures. Two years too young.

I had a killer sinus headache Wednesday. Top it off with a migraine and I couldn't move. I was crying at 4AM 'cause the pain was so unbearable. After an hour of paralyzed suffering, I literally crawled out of bed and went in the kitchen to take drugs. Excedrin Migraine and some of the Dinks Sudafed. She was asleep, she had no clue I was breaking into her stash. After the drugs, I put a hot herbal mask on my eyes and a hot herbal shoulder compress around my neck. The herbs damn near knocked me out with the fumes. But it was relief! I passed out and didn't wake again until 7AM.

I awoke. Work and the rents were called. Since Dink was still battling her "virus" at this time, she was still out of school. At 11AM, we went to my rents home. Dink tortured them as I slept on the couch. Then we went home.

That was my Wednesday.


Like I said, this week was crappy and I don't want a do-over.


Francesca said...

Hope you and Dinks are better soon and the coming week is MUCH better!


justrose said...

sorry it was a bad week. god, the kid plagues have been heinous these last couple of weeks, haven't they? we're all hacking like a bunch of emphysemics over here. and this is the tail end.

good lord, you linked the northeast times.

Maidink said...

Fran - Thanks, sweetie. *hugs*

Rose - It has been heck. Dinks does nothing but sleep.

Yes, I linked it. Someone has to.

CrankyProf said...

Poor Dinks, and poor mommy!

You both need a warm bath. And Dinks needs some Tylenol Cold and Flu, and yu need a good, strong hot toddy.

Feel better soon!

Celena said...

Ugh, I hate sinus infections! I get them EVERY time I get sick!!

Jaded&Opinionated said...

I'm just getting out of bed from a migraine that lasted 2 days... and I get dizziness with them, which is a special treat. I also get a sinus infection any time I get sick...effin sinuses.

Luckily, Jadette's doctors are all really great. She had a sinus infection a few weeks ago, and even though most of the mucous was clear, they knew there was more to it. And since she needs a nebulizer sometimes, they just make sure I have plenty of meds and refills on them so I don't have to panic over the weekend. We go to a Kids First practice, which is part of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I hope you never need CHOP for any reason, but if you do, it's a wonderful place with wonderful doctors. We've spent more time there than any child should have to endure, but they make it almost tolerable.

mdmhvonpa said...

Yep ... the Dr just told us that our Jake has an ear infection. We usually know this about 18 hours before he complains about his ear by the way he behaves. Wouldn't you know, it happened on a Friggen Sunday. Urgh.