Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No wonder I can never remember anything

For the longest time, I knew all the phone numbers of everyone in my life. I was a walking directory. Of course, it was easier before the technology boom - no need to remember area codes for local calls.

Then came the dreaded "speed dial" option on the telephone. I haven't remembered a number since then. Phone numbers went from seven to ten to two digits.

Then came along the mobile and the ability to store numbers as names. No longer did I need to remember the "speed dial list". I just push a button, search for name, and [SEND]. And least we forget the ability to check "last call dialed", "last call recieved", and "missed call" on the mobile.

My brain is mush.

So, how many passwords do you remember for your computer? Or are they all auto-saved?



tescosuicide said...

You are so right! I do try to keep all my passwords the same (against popular beliefs) -I get annoyed when I actually have to type one in- and phone numbers... what the hell is a 'phone number'?? ;)

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I agree with tescothing - you are soooooooo right.

I too was a walking telephone directory until the advent of speed-dial.

Not any more! Most times, I can't even remember my OWN numbers.

As for passwords - bloody hell, they are becoming a nightmare. And I never auto-save them.

Spikey1 said...

I used to love that show Password!
Weird .. the password I use all the time is "mush"

Virginia Gal said...

Agree with P&T, I never autosave my passwords and I use the same one for everything, and what is worse, I write the passwords down! Gasp, that is a no-no at the office!

Whinger said...

I have the problem that I can never remember which number is saved on auto-dial, so I actually still know everyone's number.

It's like I'm Rain Man to my sisters.

Spinsterella said...

I only know one phone number off by heart. Not my own (mobile or phone) nor my parents' (they moved house last year).

No, the only number I can recite off the top of my head belongs to a guy I went out with for three months when I was sixteen.

That's fourteen years ago.


Kyahgirl said...

years and years ago I worked at an answering service and I had hundreds of phone numbers neatly stored in my head....not so today.

As for passwords, I try to keep it simple, one really complex one that now one could ever guess and use it for everything. How else am I supposed to get by?

Some sick friend ate my brain the other day.

*stares accusingly at maidink*

Maidink said...

Tesco - I have to keep the same password or else I get all sorts of befuddled. And if I have to change it for some unknow reason, I'm totally screwed.

P and T - I do know my own phone numbers, but that's about it. And I know my mum and dad's. Beyond that, it's a mystery.

Spikey1 - I don't remember that show. I do remember Joker's Wild, but that has nothing to do with the post.

VG - That would be a no-no unless you work at my office. You get yelled at for not using the password protection but then you get yelled at twice as loud for not letting everyone know what those passwrods are. I work with idiots.

Whinger - You definitely know all the phone numbers. Definitely know the numbers. Of course, I am a very good driver.

Spinster - Hello and welcome! Isn't it amazing the things you'll never forget. You'll always remember things like that fourteen year old phone number, but Heaven forbid you try and remember what you had for lunch on Sunday.

Kyah - *maidink looks behind her and then back at Kyah*


Mr. Fabulous said...

I keep the same password too, for about 90% of my stuff. You can't do it any other way without carrying around a notebook full of scribblings and cryptic messages.