Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hot dogs! Getch-ya Hot Dogs Here!

Geo is thinking of buying a hot dog concession cart ... again!

That's right,
the idea from last summer never died.

Now that we have a big truck with a hitch, it seems the hot dog thing has reared its head once again. I personally thought of it again, too.

We can probably afford a decent cart now. I have already figured the financials and the business management end. It could feasibly work out in two years time. He can stay at the mill, buy a cart or trailer and keep it in storage, pay down our bills (which calculated will take about the two years), and then take the cart out of storage and start his own business.

We'd even put the Dinks in a hot dog costume with a cute little shirt that says "My daddy says Bite Me" and have her dance for the patrons. Heck, her tips alone would be her college fund.

Here's the rub:

Geo has a really good job at the steel mill.

Okay, the hours suck and he comes home looking like a dirt merchant and he's complaining of headaches and other bodily aches and he's miserable, etc etc etc. But the paychecks are
decent. For once, he's actually getting good pay for working like a dog.

And he has pretty good bennies to boot.

So, do we buy the cart and keep it garaged until such time?

Or, does Geo work away in a job that, though the pay is good, he truly hates?

And can Geo hold out for two years? Don't forget, my loving booboochicken is highly impatient.

What to do, what to do ...

(please note: the photo is purely for illustrative use only. We would buy something a bit newer and a lot cleaner.)


Britt said...

Is that a northern thing, the hot dog cart? I have never seen one, well outside of the state fair. Whats the scoop on all that?

Whinger said...

I had no idea.

Are the options only steel mill OR hot dog stand? Is there no middle? (I'm not being sarcastic -- genuinely wondering if there's another option.)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Why not just do it on weekends and holidays and special events? How does he know he won't come to hate running a hot dog stand?

And no benefits with that. Well, all the condiments you can eat, but that's all.

PaxRomano said...

Maybe you and your cuz could help out on the weekends, you two could be the Hot Dog Babes...I love the "Bite Me" t-shirts!

Kyahgirl said...

this is a tough dilemma. It will ultimately come down to comparing the income + soft aspects (like job satisfaction) for each job. I'd be inclinded to tough it out with the job with benefits. But that's me...I totally hate working in the service industry. Not that I hate people or anything..I just hate having to be nice to wankers :-)

p.s. made the final move M. Come see me when you have a chance.

Virginia Gal said...

Is this job at the steel mill dangerous? a la the miners in WV? Sounds like you guys might have to do an old fashion pro/con list - whatever you decide, would love to see Dinks in the Bite me shirt, hee hee.

Maidink said...

Britt - They don't have any carts in downtown Dallas or Houston? Hmmm, maybe it is a Nothern thing.

Whinger - he can drive an 18-wheeler again. but then Dinks and I won't see him for like weeks on end. geo really wants to start his own business and he likes working outside and he LOVES to cook; hence, the hot dog cart. And dinks in the cocktail weenie outfit. :)

Mr Fab - Never thought of that. Hey, you're pretty smart. I guess I should have picked "intelligent" on that Window thingy on your blog.

Pax - JR can pull off the Hot Dog Babe thing better than me (she does buy from Victoria's Secret, don'tcha know). I personally like the shirt idea too. And she'd bite back!

Kyah - And Geo hates everyone, go figure! But, he hated working at the mill more. I have great bennies thus far here at my job, so bennies aren't the issue. The public and fear of losing everything? Yeah, that's the more pressing issues.

VG - His job is extremely dangerous. He doesn't burrow underground but he does work around heavy machinery. I think I'll have to create a shirt design and have her model it for the blog.

Tony said...

If you stick that beautiful little girl in a hot-dog costume, I am coming to remove her from your parental custody.... okay... I'll laugh at her first, but still... the bible says, "suffer the children," NOT "let the children suffer."

mdmhvonpa said...

If you are ever in the KOP area, stop off at the Home Depot there and take a look at the Hot-Dog stand. It's impressive.

Maidink said...

Tony - I'm having the costume custom-made just for the occasion.

MDM - I work down the road from HD(five minutes tops). I might have to trek there for lunch Monday. I'd do it today, but I'm Trader Joe's and Hallmark bound this afternoon.

Spikey1 said...

Mustard and Onions please! (sorry that is all I have today with my mood)

CrankyProf said...


In addition to the Dinks in a cocktail weenie outfit, you HAVE to create the "BooBooChicken Special."

Maidink said...

Spikey1 - I'm more concerned for you and your family than witty comments, my friend. I pray all is well.

CP - BooBooChicken Franks! CP, you are a friggin genius!!!

Anonymous said...

BoobooChicken???? There can only be one Booboo in the family! If knowing my brother, have him try the weekends first as stated by Mr. Fabulous and see how that goes. He has a short patience span so that might not last, either!