Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Highlights

Geo and I got glasses. He really needs them. Actually, the optometrist told him he's close to needing bi-focals. Yeah, he's old. I have football shaped eyes (astigmatism); ergo, my eyes blur. So, instead of an occasional quick pop shot to the head for readjustment, I wear glasses.

We went to Lens Crafters, but no one-hour deal for us. Geo gets his today and I get mine in two weeks. WTF? It used to be glasses in an hour or less, or you got money off or something really consumer cool like that. No more! It's like the Dominoes syndrome. Remember when Dominoes Pizza guaranteed your pizza in thirty minutes or less, or else it was free? Then it was a discount. Now it's thirty minutes or else ... well, nothing. Same theory, different industry.


Dink's is doing really good with her potty training.

Okay,there was that accident in the booth at Friendly's. And the living room. And the toilet stall in Strawbridges. That one I didn't handle well. I was screaming at the kid (well, not screaming, just loud and angry) and she was all boo-boo face and crying. I popped her in the head a few times thinking that would jump start her brain. That only made her cry and wail harder, grant me dirty looks from other bathroom patrons, and give me the crying jag of all crying jags. She was doing so well, then it was three really big ker-splashes in a row. I was beside myself. I felt like a failure. I felt she failed me. It was a pretty bad scene.

I'm calmer now but I hated myself for the past 24 hours. I didn't hate Dinks, just me. I cried because I was mean to my baby.

We're trying again today. I went on a Child Abuse website for tips on how to control anger and yelling around the toddler. I know this will help. That, and I read the Bible last night. That always seems to have an instant calming effect on me.

Thankfully, my baby still sings the "Barney Song" to me and let's me know she loves me, too.


My dad has some kind of skin cancer thing. He had it removed today. The doctor told my mom it was malignant. I told her he's gonna be fine. And he will be. My dad is one sarcastic tough old codger.


I'm putting my Wordpress blog in a temporary hold. I've been with Blogger so long, it's grown on me, though I hate it's little quirks. I have yet to decide the fate of Wordpress blog.

I'm usually a loyal customer to certain things, except ISP's and cable companies. I've booted and reupped with AOL so many times, I ran out of different screen names to create. And I left Comcast after having an account with them for eight years. Pricks and their constant statement stuffers with headlines like "Change in pricing effective xx/xx/xxxx".

I hate Comcast.


Q: What happens when you leave a Build-A-Bear gift card in the back of a pick-up truck that doesn't have a cap on it?

A: It flies on to the highway.



That's it. Chat later with y'all


Anonymous said...

Don't feel discouraged. She will get potty trained, trust me. I went through this twice. She's making better improvements than before. Just encourage her and everything will work out fine.
As for George, he is getting old! I can say that, he's my OLDER brother! Ha, ha.


CrankyProf said...

Toddlers are among the world's most frustrating creatures in. The. WORLD.

Jumping Bean was not fully trained until she was three-and-a-half, and NOW the current battle is getting her to wipe her OWN butt after she poops.

It will happen. It's just a huge frustration until she "gets" it. And I am SO not looking forward to potty training for the Shark.

Spikey1 said...

Dont wear your glasses and you wont see her accidents! ;)

justrose said...

i love the last thing. it is so you.

S.I.D. said...

Potty trained four

Had forgotten that.

*searches for photos to tease kids*

Tony said...

Everyone loses their temper and gets frustrated.... doesnt make you a child abuser.... makes you a parent.

Dinks loves you and we all know you love her. So quit being so hard on yourself.

Love ya!

Jaded&Opinionated said...

When we are going to be out for a while ,I still put a pull-up on Jadette, just in case. I don't want her to feel the anxiety and failure of having an accident while we're in public. Kids often don't fully feel the urge to go until they HAVE TO GO RIGHT THIS SECOND. Part of potty training is not only getting them to actually go on the potty, but to recognize what that feeling is early enough to make it to the potty. It takes time. Jadette's doc said it takes as long as it takes, and as long as it happens before kindergarten, you're successful. He said not to let other parents put pressure on us because their little Einsteins were trained at 6 weeks. (I exaggerate, of course)Another thing I used was those really thick cotton training pants... kind of half way between a pull-up and real "big girl panties." That way, when they have an accident, it mostly stays in the pants and doesn't run down the leg. I didn't try panties at pre-school until she was pretty consistant at home first.

Potty training is hard, but follow her lead as to whether she's ready or not. Jadette is going to be 4 in April and has only been potty trained for 2 months. The night is hit or miss, so she still wears pull-ups to bed. Don't feel pressured to have her use the potty just because she's a certain age. Some kids aren't ready till 3 or 4, and it's perfectly ok. She'll have accidents, it's a given. Until she's pretty consistant at home, maybe keep a pull-up on her while you're out to dinner or shopping, or even at school. She can still ask to go potty, but if she doesn't quite make it, it's not a big deal. Just an idea.

Sangroncito said...

I was director of an early childhood education program for years so I know how stressful raising a toddler can be. Here in Brazil Eliomar`s two youngest daughters, ages 3 and 1, come visit us and by the end of the day I want to well as smack them...of course I don`t, but I completely understand the impulse!!! So know your feelings are shared and also that you are an excellent, caring mother.
hugs, Sango

Maidink said...

Shell - She's doing great! It's just the rythm thing and her little bowels. We're back to Pull-Ups regardless of her protests against them.

And he is old! LOL

CP - She is a pistol and a half. Shark should be easier to train. At least he has Bean as a role model (except for the butt wiping).

Spikey1 - That would work except she peed on my shoe the last time. you don't need vision for that sensastion. I giggle about it now.

JR - We drove back along Rt 13 next to Neshaminy to see if we could find it. Alas, we only found the smashed box it came in. Oh well.

SID - Oooo, thanks for the reminder. Now I have to get batteries for the camera.

Tony - Thank you, honey!

Jade - Scary thing is she had a Pull-Up on for the last accident in the stall. I had her foldable toilet seat in my hand, ready to put on the toilet, and she pulled down her pants and went everywhere (it was a lot). Hindsight being 20/20, I know her little bladder was probably about to bust. I pray she knows now to hold it just for one more second so i can get her on the toilet. If she pisses on me while I'm doing it, whatever. I'll just use a lot of soap and a heavy dose of perfume. :)

She is definitely ready to train. All her accidents were my fault. It was my fault for a) putting panties on her too soon (my mom and her big mouth saying "big girls NEVER wear diapers" didin't help since Dink knows Pull-Ups are diapers); b) asking her if she has to go as opposed to taking her to the bathroom (which harkens back to her learning her body rythm); and c) not bringing her porty-potty with us in the mall. I thought Lens Crafters had a bathroom. Nope, the closest was in Strawbridges which was a pretty far walk for a three year old. Lesson learned by mom - bring portable potty and fuck whoever says something. If my child has to go, she will go then and there!

Sango - Thank you so much, sweetie! Both Dinks and I are learning this time. I have to keep remembering she only a little one and still learning, and I'm not the perfect mom.

Maidink said...

For jade: That hyperlink isn't working. here's the full address to the product I bought for Dinks.

Kyahgirl said...

Hi maidink-do you know what I found works for potty training? Just forget it. We did that whole frustrating thing with Nicole when she thought she was ready then gave up after one too many upset episodes. Just put her into pull ups. Then, one day she saw a little friend going on the toilet and next day decided she wanted to be like her friend. From then on, it was pretty much done.

Our first scary example of the power of peer pressure.

With Grant, we kind of left it up to him and it went really well too. Kids learn stuff when they are ready. Don't stress about it. Its not worth it. (And it doesn't matter how old she is-she'll do it)

Good thing your Dad caught the skin cancer. My Mom and brother have had it too. You must keep an eye on your spots!

regarding wordpress-I'm thinking I might ditch mine too but can't decide-its either go all the way to the full one or go back to blogger. URgh.

Maidink said...

Thank you, Kyah. I pray she's not scared to go to the mall since the last episode.

It's all learning, I know. She doesn't mind the Pull-Ups now. She's remained dry for two solid days. I told Geo, "Once she has been good and dry for a bit over a month, we'll reintroduce the panites." He agreed wholeheartedly. He thought I was pushing the panties thing too hard. He's right. I was listening to everyone else and not to the Dinks. I should have known better.

I'm not too worried about my Dad thus far. Like I said, he's a crotchety old pain in the ass.

Life Family et al a la Wordpress is definitely going bye-bye.

But, I have an idea for a new blog. :evilgrin:

CrankyProf said...

One of the things we did with Bean (although it was a tad pricey, and people thought it was "mean"), was to actually let her pick out the "big girl panties" she wanted, and then throw them away when she soiled them. Usually with an "Aw. Now they're ruined. What a shame."

After the third pair of princess panties got tossed, she got with the program.

Maidink said...

Tried that route. She walked the panties to the trash, threw them in the bag, waived "good bye", and ran butt nekked into the bedroom for more.


I guess that's good knowing she won't be so materialistic!

Whinger said...

Sigh....this too shall pass.

And I have YET to get glasses in an hour, as always promised by the advertisements.

Maidink said...

I pray so, Whinger.

And the adverts now state in "about" an hour. Cheeky bastards and their wording. :)

Francesca said...

You're a good mom and you love your daughter. It comes through very clearly in your blog. It seems every parent has those frustrating moments. It's no easy job, and I'm sure Dinks understands how much you love her. She's a really loved little angel.

And, look! Mommy has even made sure she gets even more love from her Blog Aunties and Uncles, too!