Wednesday, July 13, 2005

scrap the dog cart, now it's college

I can't stand it!

Geo is going to drive me nuts! Well, actually, it's more like a short chip onto the green in my case.

First, he wanted to open his own hot dog cart. Not the one you see guys pushing around with the big ole umbrella, but like the one's you see in downtown districts or college campuses. And we didn't want an itty, bitty little cart - oh no siree! We wanted a big'ems that you can serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Why did he think of this AFTER the refi of the mortgage? Capital always is beneficial in an entrepreneurial venture.

Now, I'll give the man credit. He's always thinking of ways to get ahead and he's really not afraid to try something new. And I am always behind him 110% in anything he decides. His biggest problem - impatience.

I explained how he needed a business license, probably some type of contract if we were both going to make it a partnership (or LLC or LLP, etc), health inspections, and ... oh yeah, the cart. Those tin cans ain't cheap, ya know. You can buy a low end Jaguar for the price of a new vending cart. I thought about used until I started browsing e-bay and checking out the gallery pictures. That put a quick end on the "used cart" market search for me.

Oh, and you need a place to put the cart. Location always helps a business. Abandoned fields in the back of a defunct warehouse? Bad choice.

Least we forget the taxes (sales and business privilege) and also possible fees for parking the cart in some premium spot.

Geo thought this was "no prob" and could be accomplished within a week or two. After I stopped laughing, he realized that was not the case.

So what does my loving yet impatient man decide he wants to do now? He wants to go back to school and get his degree in management.

*grins to herself*

Never, ever a dull moment.

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