Monday, October 03, 2005

Comcast shall be no more

Well, at least in my home.

I called Verizon on Friday and asked them about the phone, DSL, dish deal. The figures came in a shade above what I am paying to three separate companies. Hmmmm, let's see. Pay a few pennies more to be able to tell Comcast to get stuffed or ... oh... who am I kidding? There is no "or"!

By mid-October, Comcast will no longer be our ISP nor will they provide the antenna in the shape of a cable box on top of the PS2.

As for the phone line, who cares. I barely use it. I call my mum once a day on it - that's all. It's purely for emergencies if the electric goes out. I make 99.9999% of my calls using the mobile. Now that's a twist. I consider my house phone for the one for emgerncies and the mobile the one for everyday use.

I know Comcast could give a frog's fat water-tight backside over losing my business. But at least they won't have my cash.


Rowan said...

BRAVO! Feels good don't it?

Maidink said...

I'd feel better throwing a thousand tarantulas through the front door of their office headquarters (but I couldn't be that cruel to the tarantulas).

Merci said...

Good for you! I'm celebrating vicariously. If DSL ever makes it to my neck of the woods, I'll do exactly the same thing!

Maidink said...

It does feel quite liberating. I didn't think I could get DSL. I called Verizon directly and they said my address was on the DSL grid.

I can't wait to deliver the cable box and modem in person ... with a smile of course.