Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Mornings

It's raining like mad here. The droplets are hammering the roof like a marching band's drum section. Definitely not a good day to hang laundered clothes or wash the car (unless that's what you like to do and if so, enjoy).

The baby is getting worse with her coughing and congestion. Last night she felt a bit clammy and her little tummy felt warm. Damn. Tylenol and liquid pumping time. Probably give her chicken noodle soup, too. All that plus the Wiggles and Dora will make her feel better.

Geo is working today. He has been since three o'clock this morning. I don't envy him. It's right miserable outside and he drives an eighteen-wheeler.

I think I'll have some hot coffee waiting for him. And waffles.

Yeah, I know. I'm just a domestic friggin goddess.

Eat your heart out, June Cleaver.


Merci said...

Hope the baby feels better soon! It's so sad when they're sick. Guess it's that time of year. She's lucky to have her mum (Ms. Cleaver) for comfort!

Yucky day for travel. Don't you hate it when they are away? I like it best when everyone is back in the nest, safe and warm and dry.

Maidink said...

She has been a hoot this morning. If it weren't for the coughing and low grade fever, you'd never know she was sick.

Geo will be home soon. Then I think we're in for the day with the exception of a Kmart/Walmart run.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Oh! We just saw that our little baby is going to spend some time with you in Philly!

Make sure you look after him! And plenty of pics of him enjoying himself.

And don't let him near any peanuts!

Belinda said...

Get well soon, littl'un, and kudos to the domestic friggin' goddess!!! Could you stop by here later?

hazel said...

waffles rock.

Virginia Gal said...

I love the medicinial (is that the word?) effect of the Wiggles and Dora :-)

Hope everyone is feeling better.

Sangroncito said...

A hot cup of coffee on a rainy morning...I love that! That's how I started my day today in Salvador...rain and coffee.

Rowan said...

aww, poor doll baby.
Yeah, I worry for your hubby too, hope he's home safe and sound.
Hate this crazy weather lately.

Maidink said...

P and T - no peanuts, just cheesesteaks.

Belinda - her cough is getting worse. Now I have one. You sure you want us to stop by?

*gives evil grin*

Hazel - Waffles and maple syrup rule! With butter! Mmmmmm

VG - It's not really so much medicinal as it is mind numbing.

Sangroncito - Coffee on a rainy morning is so relaxing. No TV, no radio - just the dark skies and some 100% Columbian arabica.

Then my child walks in, turns on the Wiggles and decides it's "torture mommy" time. Oh well. :)

Rowan - He's throwing boxes today off the trailer and his shoulder hurts. Colder weather mixed with rainy conditions make for one unhappy camper. I believe once the weather breaks, we'll all feel a lot better.