Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Phase one of operation Eliminate Comcast complete

Verizon came out today and my phone has been switched.

Phase two: have DirecTV installed.

This will be completed Thursday.

Phase three: get my DSL hooked up

This phase is the trickiest. The order for my DSL was placed on 10/11. As per a Verizon rep, my DSL should be on by 11/3.


I always thought it was like a switch flipping task. My bad. I guess there is much more involved in adding something that, for the most part, has all necessary equipment sans modem already in place. Speaking of which, I should be getting the modem in a week.

Once all three phases have been complete, it will finally be time to say "buh-bye" to the evil Comcast empire.


Rowan said...

yeah, no more comcast?? that would be great huh?

Belinda said...

Oh, you can all just bite me, city-dwellers. (Grumbled the malcontent shackled to a one-way satellite modem, with which download speeds are blazingly fast--faster than DSL, faster than cable...but upload speeds are insufferably still going out on the LAND LINE. Grrrrr.

And I do love the cute new smiley peeking picture.

Rowan said...

Would you kindly do this for me? Buddies

Merci said...

I'm green with envy.

Whinger said...

We are Comcast-haters in our house, so the second we had our own house, we went to the DirecTV.

Please tell me you're getting Tivo with it, because I love it.

Maidink said...

Rowan - I loathe and detest Comcast. knowing I am able to finally rid my home of said evil corp makes me happy. :)

Belinda - What in the name of Sam Hill are you rambling about????

Merci - I'm surprised you are not able to get DSL. I thought NJ was DSL friendly. Did you call Verison or whoever your carrier is? The internet lied to me and said DSL was not available when in fact it was.

Whinger - Dammit! Forgot the TiVo. Yeah, we're getting DirecTV. Disney Channel 24/7 both East and West Coast. And we're hooking up two TVs. So the baby can jam out to Disney Channel while I finally get to watch my CSI and Law and Order.