Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Too busy today

I had to go to the dentist this afternoon. It was no big - just my semi-annual cleaning.

However, since I did it during an extended lunch break, I had zero time to blog today. Good thing 'cause I had no clue what to blog about.

I'm home tomorrow with the baby. She and I will patiently wait for the DirecTV person to show and install our dish. After that, phase two of operation Eliminate Comcast wil be complete. I hope the poor kid doesn't get too bored being home with me. I know lots of moms stay home with their children and that's great because that's what their children are used to. My child is used to going to school. Tomorrow is gymnastics. She's loves gymnastics. I feel bad having her stay home. But then I think maybe a little mommy/daughter downtime will be cool.

We shall see.

At least I'm one step closer to telling Comcast to go pound sand ... really, really hard!


Rowan said...

Just try to enjoy the time, I know it is hard. I went back to work right after Nicky was born, but I try to remember to treasure the time I DO get to spend with him. However, since he's not used to being home with me, he is a little a--hole much of the time for me...did i say that? oops!

Maidink said...

I asked Dinks last night "Do you wnat to go to school or stay home with Mommy?" Her reply was "go to school". Then Geo asked the same query substituting his name. Her reply was "stay home with Daddy". So I asked my question again and this time it was stay home with Mommy. I felt like I was in a Bugs Bunny skit.

So far we've watched Bear in the BIg Blue House, played smash-up-derby with her school bus and truck, and played choo-choo train. In other words, she ain't leavin' me alone.

I kinda like it! :)