Friday, October 14, 2005

Our Family Weekend

We're going to a gun and militaria show. Eee-yep, the whole family is going. And no, in this family, stuff like that is perfectly normal. So the conversation went like this:

M: You want to go where?

G: A gun show out in Somewhere Somestate.

M: Okay. I wanted to go shopping so I guess that counts. (thinks for a moment) We're taking Dinks?

G: Eeeeeee-yeah.

M: Oh. (thinks again) You think the baby will have fun?

G: Sure she will. She loves that stuff.

M: Yeah, I know and that's what bothers me.

G: You like gun shows, too.

M: Not the point.

G: She'll have fun, trust me.

M: Well, I guess. I hope she behaves.

G: She should. She'll be jumping up on one of the tables shouting, "Don't anyone move! I'm packing heat and I don't mean my diaper."

both laughing

M: Oh lord, I can see her doing that, too.

I swear our last name should be Addams.


Sangroncito said...

Scary but interesting! Have a great weekend!

Maidink said...

Yes, it is scary. Especially this one.

Rowan said...

sounds fun, can visualize a baby with a murderous appetite now.

Maidink said...

Nah, she's a good kid. She likes stuff that Daddy likes. he could hand her a lump of cat poop and she'd think it was gold.