Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What not to say when applying for your marriage license - part two

So Geo and I decided now is the time to get hitched. You'd think the darling man would at least ASK me to marry him.

We decided to forgo City Hall in downtown Philly and instead opted for the Bucks County Courthouse in hermetically sealed Doylestown PA USA. After many blank stares and a few near misses on directions (within the building, not driving), we made it to
The Clerk of Orphans' Court Division of the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas.

We walked in the Orphan's Court office and I was impressed. There were all of these old books everywhere. I pointed them out to Geo. I told him I was amazed on how trusting the place was in leaving these big ole books around for anyone to paw at.

"They're ledgers, babe. They're full of public records."

"Yeah, but in Philly I think they're under lock and key in the basement."

There was a young couple in there already being waited on at the counter. As soon as we walked in, they were escorted out by someone who said she was taking them to the next floor up for something or another. I couldn't hear it and Geo didn't care.

There were also these two large round pastel tables that sported a variety of helpful pamphlets with titles like "Marriage in PA". The office was so bright and cheery. I guess they need to do that since people mostly come here for their impending doom.

We sat down with a pleasant woman. No, I don't remember her name. I have it somewhere and quite honestly, I don't feel like looking for it. She was very sweet, talked with a really low voice, and was quite the good sport considering how goofy Geo and I are.

There are a series of questions that must be asked whenever someone is applying for a license and one of those questions is "Are you of sound mind?" I seriously did not hear the woman ask this. The sad part is neither did Geo. So I answered "Wha'?" and Geo answered "Huh?". I personally didn't think that was cause for an all out belly laugh but she did. She laughed so hard I thought she was going into convulsions. After a few minutes, when she calmed down, she apologised.

"Oh, I needed that. It's been a long morning" she said while still trying to repress more laughter.

She then went on to tell us the couple who were in as we walked in were originally heading to Cancun and Hurricane Wilma put a pinch in their wedding plans. And it was to occur that weekend (and it was Friday). I still didn't understand but I figured whatever the problem was couldn't have been good.

Before I continue, I should warn you that I have the attention span of a coffee table. At a moments notice, I can throw a switch and my train of thought will derail. Lucky for me, my kind sweet Geo is there to help things along.

"Hey! She's asking you a question."

"Hmmm? Oh sorry."

"I wanted to know, " she politely asked probably for the third time "when the event will take place?"

I stared. "What event?"

The woman smiled and chuckled a bit. "You're wedding?"

"Ohhh. Soon I guess. We haven't set a date."

"Well, you do know the license is good for 60 days, right?"

"Then I guess I don't have a choice but to get married now," I said with a smile. Unfortunately, I think I was the only one who took that statement humorously.

I really wonder where my head goes sometimes and wherever it goes if it would come back with a brain.

... to be cont'd

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