Monday, October 03, 2005

Maybe they want me to quit

I'm really starting to get the impression my company wants me to leave.

Just four weeks ago, someone got up from her job, said she was going to lunch, and DIDN'T come back. This person had the fourth highest tenure here. The only three people who have been here longer are the CEO, the SVP/President of one division, and yours truly. The only other person who higher tenure than I quit (the little creepy slug chewer).

So now it's a new quarter and I STILL haven't received a review, pay raise, or bonus. I get all three every year. Mind you they have never been timely on any of those, but by the time the new quarter rolls around, all have been complete. Now some may say, "At least you have a job" or "Bonus? What's that?" or "So what? You have an easy job". All points are valid. Not every has a job or receives a bonus or has a job as easy as mine. But, I have a job and get a bonus and make it look so friggin easy because numbers are what I know best. Numbers and computers - that's it. So I darn well belong at this job and I darn well deserve a bonus and with the more things I think of to make the job easier, I will do it.

I ask Geo everyday if I can quit. he asks if we can really afford it. I say no. He tells me there's the answer. Damn. Then I look at him at his job. Poor guy. Every company he has been with since I met him treats him like the red-headed step-child. That makes me feel very selfish. It sucks being the kind of person who can realize that a situation is not all that dire.

But then I look at all the other people at the company. The walls are very thin here. I know other people have received all three things I've been patiently waiting for weeks ago. Not days - WEEKS ago. And some of those people have been here a little over a year. Um, hello? They have received bonuses plus raises? One was dumb enough to discuss rather loudly what they purchased with their bonus. How nice. Once again, my company is giving me that warm fuzzy feeling. No, wait, that's heartburn.

On a nother note, Yahoo Hot Jobs looks really lame today.


mdmhvonpa said...

I know that feeling ... but when the lay-offs came and all those ppl who got training, bonuses and raises were let go. Twice. And the cheese stands alone.

Maidink said...

Well, I just found out it's raise but no bonus. Whatever. In honestly don't care right about now.

Virginia Gal said...

Job searching sucks, I should know, I'm going to be losing my job soon (company just merged and is moving corporate headquarters and I'm not going to move).

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Hmm. I've been there too. I know exactly how you feel.

Still, a raise is a raise! More money to spend on sweets and Ben & Jerry's!

Geo is ginger?
*illusion shattered*
*wonders if it's true what they say about ginger-nuts in bed*
*and no, not the biscuits*

Merci said...

The fools don't understand motivation, like 90% of the employers out there. Hope it gets better.

Maidink said...

VG - I'm so sorry. Good luck on the search.

P and T - Ben and Jerry's is a good thing.

And no comment on ginger-nuts in bed.

Merci - Thanks. No more complaining. I consider myself lucky to be employed.

Rowan said...

What DO they say about Ginger nuts in bed?

I ask the same question of my husband at least once a week, it used to be several times a day at my last job, so I'm moving on up I guess.