Saturday, October 15, 2005

Who knew?

There was a minimum age limit at the show. You had to be at least in the double digits to gain admission. Geo's friend, K, who we met there, said something about anitique, relic, priceless, blah blah blah. I didn't care. Quite honestly, I wasn't too thrilled about having the baby there.

So, gosh darn, I sacrificed myself so Geo could go to the military thing and I stayed behind with the Dinks. It caused much pain and heartache, but I'm sure with intense therapy, I will get over it. Yes, that was sarcasm. I think the shows are interesting but I'm not IN to it like Geo is. To put it another way, he circles the dates on the calendar whereas I keep saying "Oh yeah, when was it again?"

Thankfully, there was a Farmer's Market right across from the militaria show. So Maidink, with small child in tow, went shopping while Geo went to his military gun whatever show. The market was really nice. It was a PA Dutch Market and oooo-eeee, did that stuff smell so good! We are talking wall-to-wall yumminess. Alas, we drove nearly two hours to get to this place. In other words, the purchasing of perishables was out.

But we did buy a pumpkin. The baby whined the entire time about how she "needed" a pumpkin. How is it at the age of 2 3/4, you need everything? It's not even want, it's need. We bought a small one (not an orange gourd, a real pumpkin) for a buck and a quarter. If that's the cost of making the kid happy, so be it.

We met with Geo after an hour or so. He said the show was nice but the merchandise was very pricey. We grabbed some pizza, said good-bye to his friend, and left.

But not to go home.

We went to Cabelas in Hamburg PA. Now that's a place that makes us all happy. Geo gets to look at his guns and stuff. I get to check out little gadgety things and camping stuff. The Dinks gets to look at the once-alive-now-stuffed-and-on-display animals that are everywhere in the store. The first time we took her there (and she was able to talk), everything was a doggie. From the black bears to the white-tails, they were all doggies. This year, we were a little better. All animals that resembled a deer were Santa's reindeer. All others were identified properly (except the moose - he was a reindeer, too).

For the most part, today turned out ot be a good day (even with the child banning).

One footnote. The baby was extra cranky and defiant today. That is not her. I always hear from everyone about how "good" she is (seriously, this is not a bias thing). And she normally is a happy-go-lucky kind of child; however, today was cranky-pouty child. I lost it a few times and was ready to throttle her (for those poor people who witnessed my teeth-clenching threats of annihilation, rest assure the princess is still here and is still she who must be obeyed). Now as nighttime is upon us, she feels kinda warm. Lovely. So I was angry at my child who probably is getting sick; ergo, her crankiness seems justified. Now I feel horrible.

Tomorrow's venture: guilt gift shopping at Target or Toys R Us.


Belinda said...

Bella did the exact same thing at the exact same age. "I need 'dat Dora princess, Mommy."

So glad you escaped the sounding really bad experience at the last minute.

CrankyProf said...

You were about ten minutes from where _I_ was yesterday, when you were at Cabela's! (My dad has a house in Lenhartsville.) In fact, what time wwere you there? Because it is ENTIRELY possible that we crossed paths; I was exchanging a hunting coat for the husband...did you see a crazed-looking, glasses-wearing redhead towing a crabby red-headed four-year-old and carrying a blonde imp-child?

Sounds like the Dinker is hitting that "I'm gonna test all mommy's buttons, to see which ones are the most fun to push" age.

Virginia Gal said...

I hope the baby gets better - sickness at any age sucks.
Must ask...will you be carving this pumpkin? I bet dinks would get a great kick out of that!

CrankyProf said...

You've got to let the Dinker scoop out the "punkin guts" -- it's better than play-doh!

Of course, I'd do it OUTSIDE...on a bath night...

Maidink said...

Belinda - This time I was lucky. The kid gets craftier eash incident.

CP - we drove through Lenhartsville to avoid the 78 debacle. Are they ever going toget that damn road finished??

Can't say I remember seeing anyone with that description. Did you hear a little kid screaming for her daddy? That was Dinks. We were over the rifle and shotgun section at that point.

And she is pushing my buttons. It's like she's practicing to be a teenager.

Sidenote: Geo and I love it up there. We're pricing real estate.

VG - she's gonna be on and off with this "cold" or whatever it is until about March. For the most part, she's pretty good with it.

No pumpkin carving. The kid'll come after me. "Mommy, hold still ..."

CP - Her pumpkin (she claimed it and it resides in her room) is really too small to carve. It's more a paint size. I have to buy a larger one for the pumpkin sacrifice.

Definitely on bath night ... no questioning that.

Rowan said...

hmmm....painting....great idea! I was trying to think of ideas for b'day party this weekend....painting pumpkins sounds less messy somehow.

Maidink said...

Rowan, buy those littel gourds if y'all got them in Canada. The kids will think it's a hoot. They can where old t-shirts as smocks and you can put newsprint down to protect any surface.