Thursday, October 20, 2005

One blogger's answer to PeTA

I don't mind PeTA. Some of their causes are of the noble sense. But on the whole, they are completely insane. Unlike some of their members, I can not equate my child with a white lab rat. Sorry, but if the all out cure for, say, AIDS or breast cancer came from the sacrifice of ten thousand rats, oh well. Bye-bye, Ben!

So for those of you who find PeTA to be just a bit off, here is a good read for you from that crazy ranter, Samantha Burns.

Meeting of the P.E.R.V.'s


mdmhvonpa said...

PETA? I think I'm a member. People Eating Tasty Animals ... yeah? No? Oh, sorry.

PaxRomano said...

I think that PETA means well; but like ever other noble cause they've been over run by ding-bats. I agree that animals should not be used to test make-up and frivolous things; but when it comes down to curing disease, I can deal with that.

Lost said...

PETA are a bunch of whack jobs in my opinion. Quite a bunch of hyprocrites. For a great job of looking at them you should watch Penn and Teller's Bullshit show on PETA - they disect them and it's great. Be prepared to laugh lol.

Sam said...

Thanks for the link. I concur.

lost - Penn and Teller's awesome. I haven't seen that one, though, must find it.

Belinda said...

I posted on PeTA about a week ago, and there's a link in that post to the Penn & Teller PeTA piece. It's brilliant. I also included some quotes from PeTA founder and president, Ingrid Newkirk. It lets you know, in no uncertain terms, of their true agenda. The one that personally makes my skin crawl the most is when she said that even if a cure for AIDS could be had through animal testing, they'd still oppose it. Nice.

Belinda said...

Ooops, here's where you can find it:

Rowan said...

Viva la PERV!!!! LOL
Yeah, PeTA is a bit loony ain't it?

Maidink said...

MDM - Yeah, that's the one thing that stops me from being a vegetarian. I smell BBQ, and I think "Mmmmmm, dead animal. Yum!"

Pax - I know the mean well but they are extremists.

Lost - must find show. Thanks!!

Sam - Damn, I didn't give you credit. My bad. I fix.

Belinda - They'd oppose a cure if animals were used? So if scientists find a cure for feline AIDS (and you know they'd have to use animals for that one), would they protest it?

Rowan - Thay are a bit off.