Thursday, October 06, 2005

My brain is stuck ... again!

I used to have a sharp brain. I was able to do math problems without the use of a calculator (not just add and subtract but division and percentages, too). I could remember dates of events past and present. It was fantastic. I had an actual memory.

Then I got pregnant. That ended that!

Amazing thing pregnancy is. Once a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes a walking question mark. Seriously! Ladies, those who have given birth, back me up on this one. It's a wonderful phenomenon my college roomate, Jen, dubbed "dumbhead". We forget the most simple things. And trying to remember anything becomes a struggle. I'm not talking phone numbers or addresses. I'm talking we could be looking at a bottle of water and completely blank out. I would point to objects a la caveman style and just say, "that". I couldn't say "bottle of water" because I forgot the words. That's sad. That's pregnancy.

So when our temporary receptionist sent me an e-mail today, it says from "temporary". Logic follows that a reply would go to the originator. He asked I reply to the e-mail so he knew I received it. I stared at my monitor in a complete brain lock.

"Oh no! How do I reply to a temporary address? It might get lost in the cyber-server since I have no proper name to reply to."

That was my logic. So I called the receptionist to tell him yes I received his e-mail and my reason for not replying.

"What do you mean? The reply goes to me 'cause I sent it."

Big time "DUH"! I felt like such a blockhead. I had a nineteen year old kid tell me how to use the reply button on my e-mail program.



CrankyProf said...

Ah, yes...the dreaded "Mommy brain."

It expands exponentially with the number of kids you have.

PissedOffPencil said...

*LOL* My wife would back you up on that one! She had a brilliant memory but after four kids it's like a big strainer.

Btw. that goed for dad's too, but my brain was like teflon in the first place so I can hardly tell the difference. :)

Piggy and Tazzy said...

See what happens when you do dirty things?

You have babies and lose your mind!

Gives new meaning to the phrase 'shag your brains out'!

Maidink said...

CP - oh yeah, even more reason for the only child status.

POP - I like the Teflon brain thing. I told Geo about that. He agrees.

P and T - That's the price one must pay. First you're banging each other like screen doors in a wind storm, then you're banging your head against a wall trying to remember the proper name for that thing that holds liquid stuff that's hot (coffee mug).

Rowan said...

haha it's true tho' forget the scientific name for it, but it is a symptom of pregnancy for real! Yeah, reminds me of that Roseanne episode when they decided to get high and she said to DJ: It's ouside, in that building, where we keep the cars and tools and stuff? OK...turns to Dan and says I'm too old for this and I have no idea where I just sent my son! LMAO! HAHAHAHA

Maidink said...

Hee-hee, that was a good episode!

Belinda said...

Yup. Preggo Brain. And some of it lingers, which sucks.

Merci said...

Don't think it requires pregnancy, just estrogen. Damn estrogen.

Maidink said...

Belinda - I'm still suffering 3 years later.

Merci - It might have to deal with the estrogen levels but it really does occur with pregnancy. Pregnant women should not play Jeopardy.