Monday, October 10, 2005

I thought only paper did that

I got a wicked "paper" cut on my middle finger last night. Yeah, I know. I get great personal chuckles holding it up saying to random co-workers, "Hey, check out my cut on my finger". Of course it's juvenile. Duh!

The way I got it though was disturbing. I was trying to open a container of Penn Maid Kid's Yogurt for my daughter. It has a plastic lid over the sealed foil (I guess for kids, unlike my child, who can't eat a whole container in one sitting). Darn thing was a bugger to open so I ran my finger tip under the lid to pry it off.


One scream and a gush of blood later, I have said plaster on my finger tip. I would have used a Blue's Clues plaster, but Dink would have kicked my backside.

Upside was my daughter insisted on kissing my boo-boo to make it all better. Oh yeah, she knows how to score points.


mdmhvonpa said...

Sooo, hemoglobin flavored yogurt ... sound very Halloweenish.

Belinda said...

Yikes! Lawsuit! Aren't you traumatized for life now?

PaxRomano said...


Now my finger know what they say, "You can always prick your finger, but you should never finger your...oh nevermind".

Rowan said...

awww, too cute, don'tcha love it when they have something wonderful for you like that (the kids, not the yoghurt). I have done this before too, hurts like a mo'fo don't it? I get it often from cardboard boxes too.

Maidink said...

MDM - thankfully, the foil stopped me from bleeding all over my child's food. The floor was not granted the same fortune.

Belinda - YES!!! And you're right! I can't walk down the dairy aisle of the Acme without screaming and clutching my fingers. What's the number ... 800-SUE-THEM?

Pax - sympathy pain? Thank you, Pax.

Rowan - Just when you want to throttle them, the kids go and do something cute.

I hate, hate, hate paper cuts. Cardboard boxes? Eeeee-YOW!!! Now I'm having sympathy pain.