Thursday, October 06, 2005

Darn that invisible sign

One of the executive assistants, Jee, was just walking around frantically saying loudly, "Hello? Anyone?" Now, Streats and the CFO are on some big hooha conference call (about what I have no clue) so I am the only one back here in Accounting. Jee pokes her head in my office and while scanning around says, "Where is everyone?", and disappears back around the corner. And she was still pacing the hall wondering where "everyone" was.

"Hey!", I blurt, "What the heck am I?"

She pokes her head back in and says, "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see you. Besides, I'm looking for someone important."


A nanosecond later, after she realized what she had said, she backpeddled, "I mean Jr. or the CFO! I have a Board Member on the line."

Poor girl was left to tend the phone line and no one told her where everyone was. Typical. Thank goodness we're getting an automated phone service starting next week. I told her about the conference call and she thanked me. I could tell she still felt bad for not only not acknowledging my presence in a room but for also calling me unimportant. I smiled and said, "Ohhhh, my invisible sign was on again. It must of threw you off." I laughed; she returned the smile.

I think that made her feel better.


Piggy and Tazzy said...

An automated phone service? Do you mean one of those 'Press 1 for... 2 for.... 9 for...' things that we all HATE?

*notes the madness continues to take over the world*

Yay! I'm first!

Virginia Gal said...

That was very nice of you to help her not feel so bad, sometimes I do that, say something stupid and just can't seem to backpaddle fast enough.

PaxRomano said...

Want to feel better? Quick head to my site, you are about to go on!!!! Quick, the curtain's going up!

Maidink said...

P and T - I hate them too. But they are an evil necessity.

VG - I felt bad for her. She seemed so frazzled trying to find someone.

Pax - uh oh. Paaaaaax, what are you up to?

Rowan said...

you are such a nice person!

mdmhvonpa said...

Heh, I get that a lot too. I arrive early at work, and when there is a bad traffic day, the next person in finds only me there and notes "Wow, no-body is here yet, eh?"

As a consultant, I humbly reply that indeed, nobody ELSE is in yet.


Maidink said...

Rowan - Sssssh! Don't let anyone know. If you do, then I'll never get my Christmas Card list done. :)

MDM - Oooo, I've done that to our poor consultant.

*hangs head in shame*