Saturday, July 09, 2005

all good plans can go awry

I am not going to be on the computer that much this weekend. I was not going to be on it at all. We were due in Baltimore for our friends' grandchild's christening tomorrow. However, our little one has decided this would be the perfect time to be sick.

It started with the usual crankiness and slight fever. It has progressed since then to high fever and the inability to keep anythin gin her tummy. Doctor visit is next.

Ah yes, the joy of parenting.

So, it'll be Pedialyte and grape Tylenol for this household all weekend.


tescosuicide said...

Oh joy! So much fun!!

Maidink said...

Tell me about it, tesco. It only shot half the weekend. No more Dora DVDs for me for a while.