Wednesday, July 06, 2005

repeat after me ... I love my job I love my job

My company has made the grandiose decision to move our company server from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania. Why they kept the dumb thing in WI all these years still boggles the mind.

Quite politely, our server in WI sucked the big proverbial bone. It was ancient, it always froze (usually right in the middle of a report that took about an hour to create), and it was at its max capacity. That is not good for a growing company.

The server gets set up over the extended weekend. All goes well transferring data from old server to new server. Everything theoretically should be perfect for the start of the new business day.

I log in yesterday - the entire My Documents folder is missing. Oooooh-kay. I open my e-mail. All of my archived e-mail is gone. I check past customer files - POOF! Everything I need to do my daily job has disappeared.

What about backup you might ask? The server WAS my backup.

I was told not to panic - that it was all probably stuck in the network somewhere. Not a big comfort.

And to make matters even worse - our fiscal year just ended. Gee, now where is all that data I need to create my end of year reports? Oh yeah ...


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