Monday, July 25, 2005

opposites do attract

"Hello, my name is Maidink and I am a geek."

small amount of hands clap with a few cheers

"Whew, glad I got that one off my chest"

Then I wake up.

Yeah, if there were ever a Geeks Anonymous, I'd have to be a charter member. I remember back when "Revenge of the Nerds" came out (the original movie), I was watching a commercial for it down the shore. I thought to myself, "They are so totally weird. I am so not a nerd." Hey, it was the 80's - days of valley-speak. Practically everyone spoke like that. Anywho, I heard my brother from behind saying, "Hey, there's your movie." I felt offended. I thought I was among the hip and beautiful. Then I looked in the mirror. Staring back at me was someone with a long unkempt hair, an Ozzy Osbourne painters hat, Van Halen concert shirt, and cut-off shorts.

Darn it. My fraternity fascist brother was right.

And here I am years later. I dress a tad more hip than in previous years. I am still somewhat of a goofball. I love reading the Wall Street Journal and Renaissance magazine. And I can still be considered a nerd.

Flip the coin.

Geo has been described as "a bit of a redneck". He loves wearing his cammies. He has an extensive WWII militaria collection. He does WWII reenacting for a German unit. He is a die-hard Republican from Hades. The man was in the military for ten years (Army, Air Force, and Navy). And he drives an 18-wheeler for a living. And he can also be considered a nerd.

Our kid? She wears a hemp and fimo surfer necklace plus pink and rose colored cammie shorts. And she very possibly will grow up to be a nerd.

And so it goes ...


justrose said...

I'm laughing cause I can hear him saying that. Did they go to a special "crush your sister's soul" seminar? Cause they were all really good at it. They could team-TEACH that seminar.

a sample from the catalog:



justrose said...

... we should do a team-blogging post on it sometime. want to?

Maidink said...

Team blogging on Neanderthal brothers? Let me think about it
Oh, I am soooo in!!!!

Maidink said...

I never had a diary but B did pick the lock on my piggy bank more than once.

K did hang all of our stuffies, didn't he?

Lost said...

You would need to include one about telling new boyfriends stuff they should NEVER know. My brother came closer to death than he'll ever know because of that.

Maidink said...

Ah yes, the things that normally send people into therapy are the things brothers are more than happy to blurt out.

And then there is the demeaning factor. My brother called my one boyfriend a squirrel. How nice.

justrose said...

he did. let's talk about the team blog.