Tuesday, July 19, 2005

no mood is good mood ... except in this case

No work today. I had a doc appointment (the kind women fear) and didn't really want to go back to work after it. So, I scheduled a vacation day.

You'd think not working would mean today was a good day? It would under all normal circumstances. But this is my life.

... that never happens.

It started O.K. I guess. I woke up with the world's most ripping headache. Damn hayfever season is coming upon us which means the whole family will be in one big jolly mood complete with headaches, post nasal drip, and anything else sinus related. I drank some coffee which kind of helped with the pressure. Since there was no work, I knew I had a chance to nurse myself before leaving to parents' house without having to take medication (don't really like using it).

The baby was a different story.

Not to get into gory detail, but she has a lower digestive track problem. Her current situation is she's been backed up for four days (rabbit turds only). She screams in pain when she has to go and her poor bottom is red and sore and rashy. She's had the problem since she started eating real solid food. We've changed her diet to no avail (i.e., less/more dairy, more fiber, more veggies, etc). She's been on medication, Myralax, which she takes everyday in her sippy. This stuff is supposedly non-habit forming and the body purportedly does not increase tolerance to it. However, for the year and a half she has been faithfully taking it, she STILL gets bound.

This morning was the last straw. No sooner was she out of her crib was she doubled over in pain and screaming. I asked if she needed the potty. She shook her head. The poor child is terrified to go because of the pain. Somehow in between my headache and getting us out the door, I was able to console her and get her somewhat calm.

Then it was off to mom and dad's.

Shit. Forgot the pocketbook.

O.K., back on the road to mom and ...

Forgot her extra diapers and wipes.

Once more we're back on ...

Dammit! My checkbook!

O.K., quick check - checkbook, pocketbook, wallet, stuffies, dipeys, wipeys, my ass. Good.

After filling the tank at the BP ($1.279 for regular - what a bargin), I arrive at the rents. The baby is still crying from the pain. My mom asked if I called the doctor which I had not. I dialed the pediatrician's office and got the name and number for a pediatric gastroenterologist (a specialist title practically no one in NE Philly can pronounce properly). In the meantime, I was to administer a suppository (Fleet's BabyLax) to unclog her. Not a pleasant experience for either child or parent (I will assume it is worse for child). Thank goodness I was at my parents' home because I definitely needed help after that.

Skipping to the end, she is MUCH better now. And my headache disappeared, too. When that happened during the course of the day I don't know.

And then there was the whole reason I was not in work - my appointment. No real hiccoughs except for the friggin A/C being on the fritz in the doctor's office. Didn't really bother me but I am sure the women in their second and third trimesters waiting there were probably a bit irritated to say the least.

It's been a long day. I am tired and my daughter is pooped tired. Time to sleep.

Tomorrow is another day.


Bigandmean said...

So the little one's pooped, huh? :) I hope she's feeling better. By the way, this is not the type of story you'll want to tell her date to the prom a few years from now.

Maidink said...

She is, thank you.

I already have the blackmail pictures (i.e., bath time, potty time, etc) Why not have good stories to go with'em? :)