Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Times wasters in PA

Lovely report I heard this morning on the local radio news station. It seems a "survey " was taken and in the ranks of slackerdom in the workplace, PA ranks #8 out of 51 (yes, 51 - least we forget Washington DC which should have lead the list IMHO). PA employees waste an average 2.3 hours a day in the workplace which purportedly costs companies billions in unproductive wages.

The station was doing live man-on-the-street interviews in Center City (at 6 AM?) asking people whether they waste time at work. Eeee-yah! Like anyone will owe up to it! The first two I heard vehemently denied such wasteful habits. Another stated he was 64 (or something in the 60's) and he never wasted company time. But, he was quick to talk about other people who do so (i.e., long coffee breaks, extended lunches, etc). Tattle-tale!

Sheesh ... not like I do it (she says to herself while blogging at work).



PaxRomano said...

Well at least they did not mention the Garden State, no body here in Joisey wastes time, no sir; we keep the nose to the grindstone all the time!

Yup, that's us, we work we don't surf, we don't slack...

::: shuffles papers and pretends to dial phone as supervisor walks by:::

Maidink said...